10 Reasons Why I Love My Black Cat

This photo hasn’t been doctored, my beautiful black cats eyes appear to be blue in this photo, but it’s a pure fluke, her eyes are green!


  Black cats are absolutely adorable and here are ten reasons why I love my black cat sooo much – she is called BB AKA Be Be Kinny and even @ times Be Be Kins !!!




1) She’s affectionate


2) She has the cutest me…ow


3) She’s pleased to see me whenever I come back home!


4) She wiggles her rear end just before she tries (but fails) to catch a bird


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5) She makes endearing noises while she dreams (probably about catching a bird)


6) She wakes me up in the morning by jumping on the bed and nestling her head under my chin


7) She looks so adorable in her red stripy jumper!


8) She looks so sweet and innocent when looking up @ me after she’s raided the bin and there’s food all over the floor


9) When she does a stretch she reminds me that I should take up Yoga!


10) When I’m feeling down she jumps on my lap and purrs with contentment, reminding me that the simple things in life are the best …


These are the 10 reasons why I love my black cat If you have a black moggy, what are the ten reasons you love your black cat !?!


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Anon Black cats steal hearts not souls …


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10 Reasons To Adore Black Cats


10 Reasons I Love My Black Cat


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