10 Terrific Tarot Tips And Tricks

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Here for your oracular delight and delectation are ten awesomely amazing terrific Tarot tips and tricks ~


1) Tip ~ It’s all in the shuffle Mixing the cards up so they are completely random and that any previous reading doesn’t influence the order of the cards for the next reading, you can learn to rifle shuffle Tarot cards by cutting the deck into two equal(ish) halves, then hold these halves in each hand, place your thumbs at the top of the stack of cards and bend your middle fingers and put them along the opposite edge of each card stack, move the stacks closer together and then gently move your thumbs in an upward direction against the edges of each card stack, now the cards should overlap one another as they are shuffled – and if @ first you don’t succeed, try, try again … 


 Listen Instead Of Read !


2) Trick ~ To attract lurv and romance to your life, place the lovers card and the two of cups on your altar or mantelpiece or even on your bedside table. Place a red candle beside the lovers Tarot card and a pink candle on the  side of the two of cups Tarot card, each evening light the candles and spend five minutes thinking about love and sex and your ideal partner, then blow out the candles and say thank you, rinse and repeat until mister or miss right appears in your real three dimensional life !


3) Tip ~ Get in the zone, this little piece of useful and heartfelt advice applies to Tarot card readers and those who are getting a Tarot reading equally. Make sure that you are in the right frame of mind before consulting the Tarot for your self or others or seeking a Tarot reading. You don’t have to be jumping up and down for joy but it’s imperative that you are feeling balanced and energized, then as a professional Tarot cards reader you will be able to conduct an accurate Tarot reading for your client and in like manner if you’re the Tarot client, chances are when you’re in the zone the Tarot cards drawn in the reading will enlighten you …


4) Trick ~ To attract money to yourself, get yourself a mini Tarot cards deck, one of those mini Tarot decks in a tin will be perfect for this. Also get a purse or wallet which has @ least 5 separate compartments and put your £5 / $5 notes (or whatever currency pertains to your corner of the wOrld) and place the mini Ace of Pentacles card in your purse compartment with your fivers (this card will help you to attract new money making opportunities!).


Then put the Four of Pentacles and any £10 / $10 notes (or any other currency notes in the denomination of “10”) in a separate compartment in your purse; this card should help stop you from wasting your money so that you only spend your money on important and worthwhile things!


Seven is a pretty lucky number, so 7  it shall be ! Find the Seven of Pentacles card and put this in another separate compartment of your purse or wallet. Now get a £20 / $20 note (or the currency particular to the country you live in) and put the note or notes in your purse or wallet so they are accompanied by the Seven of Pentacles; this card will help you attract good luck with business or job opportunities !


Next it’s time to utilize the energy of the Nine of Pentacles by putting this card in your purse compartment for £50 / $50 notes (or your particular currency), the Nine of Pentacles will help you draw all manner of money opportunities and abundance, if you don’t have a £50 / $50 dollar note, still put the Nine of Pentacles card inside your wallet or purse compartment and on a small piece of paper write £50 or $50 or whatever currency your fifty money note will be and place this piece of paper in your wallet or purse along with the Nine of Pentacles and then expect a £50 or $50 note to, as if by magick, manifest and make it’s way to your purse …


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OK so now it’s time for the 100’s – if you have a 100 dollar bill (or whatever your national currency is, presuming that they use the 100 denomination) place this in a separate compartment within your purse or wallet and also put the Ten of Pentacles card with it. This card can help attract such an abundant amount of money that you will be easily able to share it with family and friends. If you don’t have a 100 dollar bill then you could even exchange your local currency for a US 100 dollar bill and place this in your purse or wallet, or instead you could write on a piece of paper “The United States Of America One Hundred Dollars” and place this in the separate compartment along with the Ten of Pentacles and then be amazed when 100 American dollars magically comes to you ! Remember that when ever you take money out of your purse or wallet, to pay for something, look @ the said Tarot card also tucked away with the note or notes …


5) Tip ~ Use a Tarot deck you truly resonate with – after all it’s not much use turning to a deck for advice or insights in to personal and emotional development or fortune telling if you feel lacklustre about it and don’t feel an affinity with the images or energy of the said Tarot deck. The great thing about the internet age, is that you can easily source images for various Tarot card decks online or find video reviews, so you don’t even have to try before you buy ! and any Tarot deck/s in your possession which you don’t connect with, give away or  swap


6) Trick ~ Get to know the energy of each Tarot card – this can easily be done in two very practical ways. @ the beginning of each day, shuffle your Tarot cards while @ the same time asking the universe or the Tarot to show you what the energy of your day is going to be like and then pluck a card from the deck and put this card on your mantelpiece or write the card name in your diary for the days specific date. Then @ the end of the day dwell on what happened throughout your day and compare the days events with the meanings and or images for the particular Tarot card you drew in the morning. You can also record the happenings of the day in your diary or journal underneath the date and name of the card you pulled. Of course you can also do this in reverse instead @ the end of the day, by shuffling the cards and then asking the question “what sort of energy has my day had” and then pluck a card from your Tarot deck, then work out how your day connects and coincides with the Tarot card you’ve just drawn …


7) Tip ~ Go to bed with your Tarot deck, yes that’s right – as odd as this first sounds, wrap your favourite deck of Tarot cards in a silk scarf or put the cards in a Tarot bag or purse and then place them under your pillows @ night (pillows are much more preferable to just a single pillow, as even though you are a beautiful princess or prince of the universe, you don’t want to be like the princess and the pea and instead of feeling a pea in your bed, feeling a stack of cards under your head!). Sleeping with your Tarot deck underneath your pillows can help you form a closer bond with your deck and it can even enhance the prospect of having the odd Tarot related dream or two or a few …


8) Trick ~ Intuition instead of tuition, we can get so bogged down with learning all the various meanings and astrological aspects of the Tarot cards, that we sometimes forget to use our own sat nav – super amazing transformative navigation – also know as our own inner navigation system ! So the next time you read the cards, why not go with the first word, idea or visual that comes to your mind or any meanings that your dreams about Tarot have given to you in the wee hours of the night, ride the magic wave and go with the flow !


9) Tip ~ Read the images on the Tarot cards, if you are conducting a reading for either a friend, yourself or even professionally and for some reason your mind goes totally blank – instead of trying to recall the text book meanings for the cards, actually read the cards as though the illustrations and images are telling a story. What do you see when you look @ each Tarot card in the spread !?! what is happening !?! what is the person doing !?! what mood do the predominant colours of each card convey !?! what do the various symbols on the cards mean !?! and so on add Tarot infinitum !


10) Trick ~ Tarot moon magick, imbue your Tarot deck with out of this wOrld energy, by using the natural intuitive power of the moon ! On the night of the full moon put your stack of Tarot cards with the moon card facing upwards on the top of the deck and the star card next with the rest of the cards in the deck underneath, on a window sill or even outside (if your cards will stay dry) and place a large crystal or gemstone on the top. If you have a crystal ball, you can arrange your Tarot deck, with the moon and star cards facing upwards so they are reflected in the crystal ball with the rest of the tarot deck stack alongside the crystal ball with a crystal or gemstone placed on top – this will add greater synergy to both your deck of cards as well as your crystal ball – and also the gemstone on top of the deck! For the next few weeks – until the full moon next appears, your Tarot cards (and crystal ball) will amaze you in all sorts of magickal ways !


You’re bound to have some Tarot tricks and tips of your own but that’s our top ten terrific Tarot tips and tricks list, hOpe you like it !


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