10 ways to heal the wOrld @ Christmas time

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December is that special month of the year where we let in light and banish shade so here are ten ways to do exactly that and heal the world at Christmas time!


1) Feed the wOrld at Christmas time 


Are some words taken from the famous 1984 Band Aid song written by Bob Geldolf & Midge Ure. As the said song reminds us – let’s remember that if you’re reading or listening to this, it’s likely that you will have more than enough to eat this Xmas. So spare a pound, dollar or euro or two for those in countries around the wOrld who won’t have enough to eat on December the 25th ~ as well as those in your home country, village, town or city. 


2) Green the wOrld @ Xmas time 


The Christmas colours are red, white and green, but it’s green we need to be concerned with here. Let’s try to have a green a Xmas as possible, by being mindful to purchase environmentally and ethically friendly presents for our loved ones. As well as Christmas trees that you can re-pot and put outside to continue to grow throughout the coming year and then bring back inside for next Xmas time !


3) Peace the wOrld at Christmas time


Remember the Christmas day truce? well I don’t either, we weren’t around on December the 25th 1914 – but the Gods of peace, benevolent angels and Jesus were and it’s a certainty that these spiritual beings of love and light had a party when the French & English soldiers met their German combatants in No Mans Land and all agreed to put down their arms. So let’s send positive vibes of peace out to all the parts of the globe that are warring this Christmas, may they put down their weapons of destruction and refuse to resume their use again …


4) Tolerate the wOrld @ Xmas time 


The universe loves diversity, sameness is the antithesis of stimulation. The human race needs diversification to evolve to higher heights and push the frontiers of possibility even to the limits of outer space. How can we do this if we are @ odds with other members of our human family over something as primeval as religious persuasion, so let’s do our best to tolerate those from other religions this Christmas …


5) Sex the wOrld at Christmas time 


Love & sex between consenting adults is a human right that should be statute all over the wOrld. Adults should be allowed to fall in love with and live in a civil partnership with any other adult they choose, regardless of gender. So if Kev wants to spend Xmas day with his lover Trev, then who are we to disagree !?! 


6) Forgive the wOrld @ Xmas time


Many wrongs have taken place through out the centuries. However if countries and their peoples continue to hold a grudge for the negative choices of those who took governance many moons ago, we won’t be able to truly move forward and embrace the age of the Aquarius. On the flip side of the Christmas tree bauble, nations who have committed atrocities against their own peoples and other nations need to say “sorry” and allow for truth and reconciliation.  


7) Love the wOrld at Christmas time


We are all constantly bombarded by the news and so it’s easy peasy to tar one group of people with the same brush because a select few from that said group have lost the plot and undertaken acts of insane cruelty in the name of a belief system, religion or other cause. Let’s guard against being brainwashed by the mainstream media and upper echelons of power in whose interests it benefits to divide and conquer us members of the masses. Instead during Xmas and beyond, let’s try our utmost to see and think the best in every person and radiate love from the centers of our own ? chakra’s to all fellow human beings near and far. 


8) Trust the wOrld @ Xmas time


@ times the way the wOrld seems to be heading seems so pitiful and destructive – but let’s try to gain some equilibrium by countering such thoughts and feelings with a whole lot of trust. Take a deep breath in – that’s right – and now gently exhale – while exuding an invisible energy of warm radiating rays of trust that the light @ Xmas time and through the following 12 months shall indeed continue to shine on in the darkness and that the darkness will never overcome the light


9) Heal the wOrld @ Christmas time


Heal Me, Pin Me x

  Since the industrial revolution mother Earth has taken quite a battering. The ozone has been depleted and the extreme weather conditions the globe is now experiencing is a manifestation and direct result of unregulated emissions in to the atmosphere. To heal the wOrld at Christmas time and give the Earth time to convalesce, let’s resolve to do our bit and not use products this Xmas that contain CFC’s and other harmful chemicals. Furthermore let’s petition our political representatives in the pursuit of environmental enlightenment and of course let’s take some time out, to peruse the internet and find online petitions to sign – to help implement in to policy – the beneficial biological health of the wOrld.



10) hOpe the wOrld @ Xmas time


An unwavering and great expectation that things will always get better and that positive outcomes will occur, is a pure (as the crystal crisp driven snow) definition of hOpe ! Make some time during the Advent period and Yuletide festivities to remember that hOpe is an all encompassing force for good which stops the human race from imploding in upon itself. Close your eyes, smile and smile a bigger, wider smile and feel an all enveloping gratefulness that you can tap in to the wonderful wOrld of hOpe this Christmas day and the next 364 days – until it comes back round again …


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Bob Geldolf & Midge Ure ~ Do They Know It’s Christmas? ~ ?Throw your arms around the wOrld at Christmas time?


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