11.11 A Modern Phenomenon Via Age Old Beings In Year 2020

11 11 o clockHave you experienced the 11:11 phenomenon? If you have you’ll know this is where you see the numbers 11.11 on your mobile / cell phone by just happening to look at your phone @ this very time, by coincidence and not by the machinations of the subconscious mind.



Listen Instead Of Read


Numeric Phenomena


Now this phenomenon with the numbers eleven eleven, four digit 1’s, can occur in a host of different ways, including looking @ your bedside digital alarm clock when it displays the numbers (as seen in the above photograph), happening to look @ your wrist watch @ this very time, glancing down @ the time showing on your pc, laptop or tablet etc and another way which happens to many folk is @ a station, they glance up @ the huge digital clock which overhangs @ the platform to catch a momentary glimpse of 11:11 just before the numbers change to 11.12 …


Eleven Eleven A Global Occurrence


More and more people all over the wOrld (wherever there are digital clock interfaces) are reporting that this peculiar event is happening to them and not just once but numerous times – excuse the sort of pun! though if a person sees eleven eleven once they’re less likely to notice it, but when it starts happening on a regular basis it arouses a heightened interest as well as questions such as what is it? and why is it happening?



11.11 Twice A Day


Firstly it’s important to note that the time 11:11 only happens twice a day and that’s of course if you set your clock to am and pm – instead of 24 hr settings – and if you do have your clock set @ twenty four hundred hours, then you will only have one chance a day to coincidentally set your eyes upon the time when it shows @ exactly 11.11 and remember you only have 60 seconds when the time is eleven eleven to see it !!!


Angels V’s Aliens


So when you’ve started experiencing the 1 1 : 1 1 phenomenon regularly it’s entirely natural to start to wonder what is going on … Some people believe eleven eleven is the frequency that Angels use in order to communicate with a person when they see these numbers, it’s their way of telling a human being they are not alone. Other people believe it’s an alien telepathic intervention whereby aliens manipulate a person to l@@k @ the time exactly when it’s 11:11 as it’s easier for aliens to read the minds of human beings when it’s eleven minutes past eleven o clock. Others believe 11.11 is a very lucky omen and when you see it to immediately make a wish while before it changes to 11.12 !!!


11 O Clock On The 11th November 1918 & The Armistice


Be Phenomenal & Pin This @ 11:11 x

Four years of utter carnage, bloodshed and madness came to an official halt on November the 11th 1918 @ 11 am – this is when the Armistice was signed by Germany and the other nations it had been @ war with. Hence the four digit ones have made their way in to the wOrld history books. It’s of interest that these numbers therefore now have an association with making the peace, particularly because many people who experience this 11:11 phenomenon say that they feel a peaceful presence when they see these numbers.


Eleven Eleven And What It Means To You!


There really is no wrong or right answer when it comes to 11 . 11, yes it’s something very real that many people on planet Earth are experiencing, however it’s also very personal to the specific individual experience and perception. You may feel happy when you see these numbers or you might feel a wave of longing for a person who is no longer alive, you may feel the comforting energy of your guardian angel, you could feel excitement @ the prospect of aliens taking an apparent interest in you. Or you could feel reminded to calm down and tap in to your own well spring of personal power when you wake up and your eyes look straight at your alarm clock and the time is 11.11 …


Quote By


The Bible, Hebrews 11.11 And by faith even Sarah who was past child bearing age, was enabled to bear children because she considered him faithful who had made the promise.


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