13 Facts About Unlucky Number Thirteen And Friday The 13th

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Thirteen may be your lucky number – but many people regard the number thirteen as being the unluckiest number of all … Plus if we add the fifth day to the mix – Friday – which in some quarters is also supposed to be the unluckiest day of the week; we have Friday the 13th, a date dreaded by all those who are superstitious. So here are 13 facts about unlucky number thirteen and Friday the 13th that help explore why the number thirteen and also the date Friday the 13th are believed to be so ill fated … 


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1) There were 13 people @ the last super, one of them was Yeshua / Jesus Christ and the other eleven were his true disciples and there was of course Judas Iscariot, the traitorous disciple and he was the thirteenth person who attended the last super … 


2) Talking of the Lord Jesus Christ, he was nailed to a cross and crucified on a Friday, though ironically this day is now known as Good Friday


3) On Friday the 13th of October in the year of 1307 hundreds of members of the Knights Templar were arrested by King Philip IV of France and all of the land, money and other goods which belonged to the Knights Templar were taken by King Philip and the Vatican – the Knights were tortured and burnt to death @ the stake …


4) In 18th century Britain, Friday used to be called hangmans day, the day of the week that unlucky souls met their deaths by the hang mans noose by way of public executions …


5) The name Friday can be traced back to the Viking mythological Goddess called Freya renowned just as much for her jealous temperament as her beauty. Legend has it that Freya became envious of other Gods who already had days and months named after them and so Odin was left with little choice but to name the fifth day after Freya and so in Viking folklore Friday is associated with covetousness …


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6) The famously doomed moonward bound Apollo 13 space craft was launched @ 13 minutes past 13:00hrs on Saturday the 11th of April 1970. Shortly after take off one of the engines shut down before it was meant to, however to compensate for this technical mishap, the remaining engines took over the work of the failed engine, so the mission was allowed to continue. Two days later on Monday April the 13th Apollo 13 entered the moons gravitational pull and then some short time later an oxygen tank blew up on the notoriously ill fated space craft. What followed was a race against time for NASA to work out a way to bring the Apollo 13 crew back to Earth safely. To cut a long story short, after much careful mathematical calculation to get the spacecraft back on to the correct trajectory, while every man, woman and child in the whole wide wOrld seemingly crossed their fingers for good luck, Apollo 13 and it’s crew of 3 returned to planet Earth four days later on April the 17th … phew !


7) Black Friday the 13th of October 1989 is the date of the first global stock market crash due to a failed buyout of United Airlines, which threw the markets into chaos …


8) The number 13 is the least drawn number in the UK national lottery, the ball with number 13 upon it’s face has only been drawn 203 times – in stark contrast with the luckiest number to be drawn, which is ball number 38 which has appeared as a winning number 290 times! 


9) Apparently the late great Princess Diana, was no fan of the number 13, she was said to avoid it @ all costs. Unfortunately and eerily, Henri Paul the driver, for some strange reason lost control of the car that Diana, her companion Dodi Al Fayed and bodyguard Trevor Rees Jones were all travelling in. Horrifically the said car crashed in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris, on Sunday the 31st of August 1997. Tragically the car – @ high speed hit the thirteenth pillar – only the bodyguard survived …


10) On Friday the 13th of August 2010 a British boy aged thirteen who attended the Lowestoft Sea Front Airshow in the UK – suffered burns to his shoulder as a result of being struck by a freak flash of lightning @ thirteen minutes past one in the afternoon – or 13:13 … and er, thinking about it – is it ever a good idea to host an air show on Friday the 13th !?!



11) The most feared card in the Tarot, is the 13th card – where the Grim Reaper makes an appearance – well who else would we expect !?! after all card thirteen in the Tarot is the death card


12) When Sunday is the first day of the month, the thirteenth day is sure to be on a Friday !


13) The combination throughout the centuries, decades and years, of both the day Friday as being the least favourable day of the week and the number thirteen as being particularly calamitous adds a great deal of synergy to the notion of the calendar date Friday the 13th as being very unlucky. The collective consciousness as well as what quantum science calls the the observer affect, of we the observers affecting the thing being observed may mean albeit human made – that severe misfortune on Friday the 13th could be a real phenomenon, which can only further add impetus and fuel the fiery furnace of Friday the 13th as being the most unlucky date of all …   XIII/X/MMXVII


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