A Spell For World Peace


For this spell for wOrld peace you will need ~ 


 Listen Instead Of Read !


A red tea light candle

A yellow tea light candle

A brown tea light candle

A black tea light candle

A pink tea light candle

Basil essential oil 

Natural spring, mineral water or rain water

An essential oil aromatherapy burner

A lighter or box of matches 


Spread The Peace, Pin Me x

You can make this spell even more powerful by placing the aromatherapy essential oil burner and candle therein on a place mat which has a map of the world on it ~ remember to not leave a lit candle unattended …


Disclaimer Dum Spiro Spero (Dot wOrld) will not be liable if you incur any burn or other accident with fire while performing this spell, so please be careful !


On the fifth night before the full moon, place a teaspoon or two of natural water in your aromatherapy oil burner and add a few drops of basil essential oil ~ basil is representative of peace. Then light the red tea light candle and sit it in the oil burner underneath the water bowl. Look @ the candle while it burns and feel as much love in your heart for indigenous American Indian peoples and the Maori peoples and Eskimo peoples etc.


Then when you’re ready say


I ask on this special night
as the moon increases it’s light
and as this candle burns so bright
in every human heart to ignite
the power of peace that’s so right


Then in a semi meditative state continue to watch the candle burn, breathe in and out calmly, enjoy the smell of the basil and all the while continue to focus on wOrld peace until the candle burns out – and after it has say thank you !


The next night, which will be the fourth night before the moon becomes full, repeat the same process but this time use a yellow tea light candle. The yellow coloured candle represents Chinese peoples, Japanese peoples, North Korean peoples, South Korean peoples, Vietnamese peoples, Tawainese peoples and all other Asian peoples. Remember to feel the love for all these wonderful different people !


The following night, which will be the third night before the full moon, repeat this spell for wOrld peace but this time use a brown tea light candle which symbolizes Brazilian peoples, Latino peoples, Indian peoples and all mixed race peoples. Feel as much love and goodwill for all these peoples! 


The next night, which will be the second night before the full moon, repeat the same process for this spell but this time use a black tea light candle, this coloured candle represents African peoples and the African diaspora, as well as the Aboriginal peoples of Australia. By now it should be easy peasy to tap in to your wellspring of peaceable and peaceful love in your heart !


On the final night of this spell for wOrld peace, which will be the night before the moon becomes full, rinse and repeat this spell for wOrld peace, which by now will be very familiar to you. Put some natural mineral, spring or rain water in the essential oil burner and add some basil essential oil but this time light a pink candle and set it under the oil burners bowl. This candle is symbolic of peoples of European descent through out Europe, the UK, the US, Canada, Australia New Zealand etc … Feel as much love in your heart for all these different peoples as you have during the previous four nights of this spell. After you’ve said the peace verse and concentrated warm and fuzzy feelings on love, understanding tolerance and peace, once the candle has naturally burnt out, say thank you !


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John Lennon Declare it … that is how we will have peace … we just need to declare it !   IV/IX/MMXVII


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