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DumSpiroSpero.World is pleased to offer a life time cookie (36499 days / 99.99 years!) pay per sale affiliate program @ a respectable rate of 5%.


Dum Spiro Spero alternatively offers all affiliates a coupon (discount) code affiliate system for any registered seller on dumspirospero.world – The default discount for customers is set @ 5%. When a customer buys an item, if they enter the affiliate discount coupon code you as an affiliate are awarded a referral – @ a rate of 5%.


If you’d prefer to use the Dum Spiro Spero coupons based affiliate system, first of all you need to sign up as an affiliate by visiting the affiliate area page – or you can use the link below – once you’ve signed up, please send an email to office@dumspirospero.world to make your request to use the coupons code based system, plus please be aware that you can only use the coupons based affiliate system to send customers to your own listings / items and or services that you are selling on this website. 


You are more than welcome to become an affiliate and send visitors, potential customers and paying customers to this website! Plus furthermore you don’t actually have to sell items on Dum Spiro Spero to qualify as an affiliate for this new up and coming website – though of course if you do sell things on this marketplace site, you’re still easily able to become an affiliate!


The legal bit AKA the terms and conditions for the Dum Spiro Spero Affiliate Program can be found @ the link below. Please read them through very carefully before signing up to become an affiliate. If you have any questions please send an email to office@dumspirospero.world


Dum Spiro Spero Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions


You can login and sign up to the Dum Spiro Spero Afiliates Area @ the link below


Dum Spiro Spero Affiliate Sign Up


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