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On this page, you can find below, an assortment of affiliate coupon code A4 PDF downloadable, edit-able and printable posters.


Offline & Online Traffic Driving


By using the affiliate coupon codes instead of an affiliate url, you are able to easily advertise for customers offline as well as online!


How Affiliate Coupon Codes Work


When a customer buys an item, if they enter your unique affiliate discount coupon code – as an affiliate you are awarded a referral/payment. As long as a customer uses your affiliate discount coupon code, you will always earn 5% of the total purchase price. Simply insert your unique affiliate coupon code and insert it where it says edit/insert your affiliate code here.




You can edit the posters by first of all downloading it from this site and then we @ Dum Spiro Spero recommend using LibreOffice – 


– which is a free open source office suite – to edit the Dum Spiro Spero poster/s with.


i) Simply install LibreOffice on your computer, it only takes a few minutes


ii) Then click on the LibreOffice icon on your desktop


iii) Next click file – open and click the document you wish to edit


iv) Once the correct file is viewable simply click edit and then click the part of the document you need to change. In this case it will be edit/insert your affiliate code here a blue highlighted box area will show and then all you need to do is delete edit/insert your affiliate code here and replace it with your own unique Dum Spiro Spero affiliate coupon code.


v) Save the file and use it either online or print copies so you can gain customers offline.  




All the posters have white backgrounds and black text as this saves money when printing! However if you’d like to make the poster background colour black and the text white or any other colours for that matter – this video is rather useful 




These affiliate coupon posters can be resized when photocopied so they’re either bigger than A4 (A3) or smaller than A4 (A5) etc … 


Affiliate DIY – AKA Do It Yourself


Of course you may also design your own coupon code Dum Spiro Spero (dot world) affiliate posters – and you can always share some affiliate luv n light by sending a pdf file of your creative to so that we can add your poster design/s to this page!


How To Opt In To Use The Dum Spiro Spero Affiliate Coupon Code System


To use the affiliate coupon code system, first of all you need to sign up as an affiliate by visiting the affiliate area page. Once you’ve signed up, please send an email to to make your request to use the coupons code based system!


How To Locate The Other Affiliate Method


Please note that the affiliate url banner ads are within the affiliate area and are accessible once you have signed up via the affiliate area page on this website.


Dum Spiro Spero Affiliate Coupon Code Posters



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