An Atheists Prayer For Donald Trump

You can close your eyes and listen to this prayer while holding firm to the belief that prayer – even an atheists prayer – has the power to sway the outcome of a situation, or you can read this prayer out loud with or without the narrated version playing, or you can listen to the narration and simply say out loud @ the end of each prayer verse merciful universe hear this atheists prayer. Of course you can always pick out just one verse and read it out loud or whisper it to the cosmos if the need arises – for instance in Donald Trump appears to be losing the plot on Twitter, then go to the Twitter verse (number 13) … and so on for whatever unfolding circumstances may take form in the bizarre Trumpesphere …  


Listen Instead Of Read


Verse 1 (Narrator But Not Leader AKA Equal Among All)


With all our heart, mind and soul let us pray
Let us lay our requests and supplications
before the infinite matrix
the great grand cosmos
the divine consciousness
the never ending universal intelligence
saying “hear this atheists prayer”.


Verse 2 (For the qualities of Donald Trump)


Inspire Donald Trump who leads and serves
as the President of the United States of America
may he be guided and directed
by hOpe, peace and charity
let these three virtues be @ the heart of all his decisions
Merciful universe
hear this atheists prayer.


Verse 3 (For the heart and soul of Donald Trump)


Help Donald Trump show compassion
to all the citizens of the Unites States
help him be a respecter of all
may he show equal favour to everyone
regardless of race, colour, nationality, religion, disability and sexuality etc
Merciful universe
hear this atheists prayer.


Verse 4 (For the mind of Donald Trump)


Protect Donald Trumps mind
from all vexations, disturbances and chemical imbalances
instead let his mind be host to
calm, clarity and rational thinking
let his mind be a wellspring of sound judgement
let his mind function with heightened reasoning
bring him optimum mental healthfulness
Merciful universe
hear this atheists prayer.


Verse 5 (For Donald Trump and the truth)


Help Donald Trump to know the difference
between the truth and a lie
let him be drawn to the truth
and turn away from all falsehoods and fabrications
let only truth flow from out of his heart, mind and mouth
and if lies are told about him
help him to be stable and turn his attention away from fake news
Merciful universe
hear this atheists prayer.


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Verse 6 (For Donald Trump and gender, race, disability equality)


Encourage Donald Trump
to not be swayed by our differences
let him embrace diversity
let him judge woman, man, girl and boy
by the content of their character
not their gender, sexuality, race or any type of disability
Merciful universe
hear this atheists prayer.


Verse 7 (For Donald Trump on immigration)


Remove the blinkers of prejudice and racism
from Donald Trumps eyes
Let him initiate fair and equal immigration policies
let him justify entry based on need and merit
let his heart warm to the diversity of religions and belief systems
let him welcome those of all colours, religions and nationalities from all countries
Merciful universe
hear this atheists prayer.


Verse 8 (For Donald Trumps mindset On Peace With North Korea)


Help Donald Trump settle any dispute with North Korea
by jaw jaw as opposed to war war
guide him to walk the path of diplomacy with North Korea
reveal to him the deep and hidden horrors
of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
show him the utter mad folly
of the US ever using nuclear weapons again
cause him to quickly gain and grasp the concept
of mutually assured destruction
let him be unconditionally repelled
by the abhorrence of nuclear weapons
Merciful universe
hear this atheists prayer.


Verse 9 (For Donald Trump And Peace Between Israel & Palestine).


Show Donald Trump that for peace between Israel & Palestine to prevail
both sides have to be treated with the utmost fairness
help him realise that his contentious embassy decision
only serves to promote discord and animosity
and further the pain and plight of peoples on both sides
let him be an instigator of the peace solution
by also placing an embassy in East Jerusalem
in recognition of the State of Palestine
as well as an embassy in West Jerusalem
in recognition of the state of Israel
Merciful universe
hear this atheists prayer.


Verse 10 (For Donald Trump And the ((love of)) money)


Show Donald Trump that money should never be used
as a blackmail bargaining tool
let him realise that cutting off funding for Palestinian refugees is cruel
let him recall the Aesops fable of the north wind, sun, man and coat
instead of blowing a cold aggressive wind
upon the people of Palestine
help him realise that shining a light of charitable warmth
on the Palestinian people
will @ least not further erode the peace process
between Israel and Palestine. 
Merciful universe
hear this atheists prayer.


Verse 11 (For Donald Trump and the environment )


Cause Donald Trump to put the environment before big business
let him become sensitive to the needs of Mother Earth
show him the independent scientific evidence that climate change is real
help him also understand that sacred sites such as Standing Rock 
where the land is much loved and the water is uncontaminated
should not be desecrated by pipelines.
Merciful universe
hear this atheists prayer.


Verse 12 (For Donald Trump and his ego)


Help Donald Trump to become mindful of his ego
cause him to understand that his time in presidential office
should be spent serving the people to their betterment
as opposed to fighting
a futile, vainglorious and petty battle with the media
let him become unaffected by any fake news
let him turn away from silly immature provocations
and instead concentrate his mind on selfless matters.
Merciful universe
hear this atheists prayer.


Verse 13 (For Donald Trump and Twitter)


Help Donald Trump to think before he tweets
cause him to refrain from erratic tweeting
help him to not start or become drawn
into power of the pen sparing sessions
show him that serious policy decisions ought to be considered
with much depth of thought and as many words as will suffice
and not constrained by 140 to 280 characters
Merciful universe
hear this atheists prayer.


Verse 14 (For Donald Trump and the wOrld wide web AKA net neutrality)


Bring to Donald Trumps attention
the democratizing soft power of the internet
help him understand that a neutral and accessible internet
is an essential utility in the new digital age
cause him to realize that many small businesses
rely on an internet where all traffic is served @ the same speed
show him that the internet is a bastion of free speech
help him learn to simply ignore free speech he doesn’t like
let him become a proponent of a non-cabalised open internet
Merciful universe
hear this atheists prayer.


Verse 15 (For Donald Trump and the wOrld)


Cause Donald Trump to realise that
no country or continent is a “shithole” 
help him understand
the geographic, geopolitical and economic maladies
of many third world and developing countries
bring to his attention that trade tariffs
are mostly weighted in the favour of developed countries
show him too that many people from developing countries
are highly trained and have degrees
let him also understand that he is the president
of one of the most powerful countries in the wOrld
free him from all anger, animosity and resentment
bring complete sanity to his mind and compassion to his heart
Merciful universe
hear this atheists prayer.


Do you have a verse that you’d like to add to this atheists prayer for Donald Trump !?! If yes please send your verse to along with your first name and surname if you wish or you can remain anonymous


Furthermore if you’d like to – you can narrate your verse and send the audio file to us by email and we will add it to this podcast x   XV/I/MMXVIII


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