The Angel Of Advent Time

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Advent is the special count down and run up to Xmas, technically it begins 4 Sundays before Christmas Day but due to advent calendars many people mark it’s start on the 1st of December …


Due to the commercialization of Christmas many of us (including moi the writer of this article) become so wrapped up in buying the good ole Christmas tree, decorations, cards, presents, food and wine (or what ever tipple of choice wets your yuletide appetite) that we tend to lose sight of the spiritual aspects of Christmas and in fact we can even completely forget to put the Christ into Christmas what so ever …


So if you’ve purposely searched for “advent time angel” or by default just happened to land on this blog post, chances are you yourself know – or the universe is giving you one massive hint – that it’s time for you to tap in to the ethereal aspects of Christmas time


So let’s have a think about the Christmas story itself, now Christ has already been mentioned in this article – after all without him there would be no Christ-mas, so to not acknowledge him would be like not mentioning salt without … er pepper – well come on that’s the first analogy that came to mind … but didn’t Jesus actually mention that we are the salt of the Earth or something a little like that !?! so it kinda ties in.


Though any way there’s another Biblical being who is pivotal @ the start of the nativity and that’s Angel Gabriel! 


There are only two Arch Angels mentioned in the Bible and Gabriel is one of them! So mighty and powerful is Gabriels presence that when he visited the Virgin Mary to tell her God had chosen her to be the mother of Yeshua AKA Jesus Christ, Mary was overwhelmed not just by the message but by this messenger angel itself in fact so much so that Gabriel the angel of advent time told her to not be frightened or fearful!


An interesting aspect during this angelic visitation was Mary’s courage to not just accept that she was going to have a baby but to ask Gabriel “how” because she was a virgin. In response Gabriel told her it would be through divine intervention so the baby would not be fathered by a man but instead by the Holy Spirit.


It’s important to take note that Angel Gabriel is the bearer of important messages, so when you tap in to the ethereal fourth and fifth dimensions and even beyond … to try and make contact with Gabriel the angel of advent, if you do indeed come in to contact with Gabriel and receive a special message but you do not quite understand it, like Mary, you must find the courage within yourself to further probe the “how” and even the “why” and trust that you will receive further clarification. 


The run up to Christmas can be fun and very exciting, after all it comes round just once a year and particularly if you live in the northern hemisphere Xmas can energize us during the gloom of winter, it can make us totally forget about the grey, cloudy and cold days!


However more and more people secretly harbor a dread of all things Christmas and not necessarily due to the Christian religious aspect. No instead many people have become disenfranchised by Christmas due to the excessive commercialization of it. Times are tough and the worth of money just doesn’t buy as many presents as it once did, so many people worry about debt @ Christmas time.


Then there’s the whole family get together, which is brilliant if you have a close knit family that for the most part get on. However for some families where relationships and interactions are strained, Christmas time can be quite daunting, with the prospect of a stressful dysfunctional family Christmas dinner looming near …


So if you identify with either of the above two scenarios and find yourself dreading Christmas and if you believe in angels or even the possibility that angels exist then take some time out to ask Angel Gabriel to come to the rescue


The Angel Of Advent Time Relaxation Exercise


1) Find a space in your home where you wont be disturbed


2) You can play some Christmas music if you wish


3) Sit on a cushion on the floor in the lotus position with your legs crossed or alternatively sit on the floor in any position as long as it’s comfortable for you


4) Close your eyes and relax 


5) Start to think about Arch Angel Gabriel, you don’t have to visualize a being, instead visualize an orb or a bright friendly light !


6) Now think about and visualize all the things about Christmas time that does your head in or stresses you out


7) Insert Angel Gabriel into the scene, If you’re worried about not having enough money, when you’re visualizing yourself in a shop, see a bright light or an orb hovering in the background. Or if you are concerned about how the family Christmas dinner is going to pan out, visualize Gabriel as an orb @ the dinner table and so on …


8) Feel yourself relaxing more and more, you may even start to smile


9) Ask Arch Angel Gabriel to help you get through Christmas time with sanity, clarity, humility and humanity!


10) Ask Angel Gabriel to show you “how” to get through Xmas ~ during this relaxation exercise you may receive a quick but insightful visual flash of what you should do, or you may get a sudden feeling about “how” best to weather Christmas, or later on after you’ve finished this exercise you might receive a message, sign or some sort of synchronicity that answers your request perfectly !


11) Thank Gabriel the advent time angel, for spending time with you and trust that you will now be able to cope with Xmas.


Be An Angel And Pin Me x

It may be that heaven wont rain down a shower of money upon you but instead you may experience an emotional seismic shift in how you handle Christmas.


Perhaps you will allow yourself to only spend 50% or even less of the original budget you had set for your Christmas spend this year. You might even decide to donate your entire Xmas budget to a charity @ home or abroad instead of buying pressies. Or maybe, just maybe – you will instead start to l@@k forward to that oh so ridiculously dysfunctional family Christmas dinner this year …




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The Bible, New Testament, Luke Chapter 1 Verse 28 … Greetings favoured one! the Lord is with you …


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