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10 Achievable, Realistic New Year Resolutions For 2020


Here are 10 achievable realistic new year resolutions. Promises that we make to ourselves in early January can be fun to make but sometimes we go over the top and set ourselves up with goals which are quite frankly burdensome and utterly impossible to accomplish.


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So because we don’t want the saboteur to rear it’s inner ugly head within the layers of our own psyche – if you really do want to make some much needed changes – you need to keep them real!!! Now the following 10 new year resolutions listed below are general helpful pointers, obviously you should only pick out the ones which resonate with you and where your life is @ @ the mo. Perhaps your love life is ab fab but your career/work life is ab drab or maybe you love your career but your finances are in disarray because you have a shopping addiction … Anyway you’re as bright as a beacon, so you catch my drift, you understand what I’m trying to say, you get me!

So without further ado, here are 10 new year resolutions which are achievable and realistic …


1) Eat Some Healthy Foods

Realistically eat food which is healthy but @ the same time yummy there’s not much point eating carrot sticks or raw celery if like myself you don’t particularly like raw carrot or celery. Instead opt for nutrient rich foods that you lurv to eat, in my case I lurv olives, sun dried tomatoes and stuffed peppers !!!


If you have a sugar craving eat a banana or if you just have to indulge in some chocolate, then perhaps substitute dairy milk choco bar for a fruit and or nut chocolate bar or even try some dark chocolate @ 70% or over, it’s good for you and over time you may even start to enjoy it more than the sweeter lighter coloured alternatives.


2) Lose Some Weight

Have you ever paid full gym membership, only to never go? (many years ago I did! naughty me). Well if you want to lose some weight this year, don’t set yourself up to fail, instead set about it in a more relaxed way – this method of weight loss is so much less demanding than setting a number – for instance I must lose 1 stone 5 lbs. It’s easier and far less time consuming to incorporate exercise in to your every day life.


When you’re doing your housework, put just a little bit more vigour in to it, dance and sing and fool around a bit when you’re hoovering, when you take food tins out of that Tesco shopping bag, hold a couple in your hands and lift them like weights, one, two, three … nine, ten … Give the car a rest day, walk that half mile in to town if you don’t fancy walking back, take the bus … @ work resolve to only use the lift once or twice a day until you feel fit enough to not use the elevator @ all.

3) Take Some Mini Study Course/s

Perhaps you haven’t been exercising the old – or for that matter young – grey matter, did you allow your intellect to become a little rusty last year? Is the extent of your learning prowess as of late extended to how to keep your cool when driven to the edge of exasperation and back!?! However does the thought of doing a degree fill you with dread? (it does me!).


Well how about taking some intermediate mini study courses? for instance you could enrol for an evening class or an adult learning class, you can sharpen up on your numeric or literacy skills without feeling overwhelmed or by default having to incur mountains of debt and move away from those who are nearest and dearest to you! Free yourself from Google calculator and use that great calculator in your head!!!

4) Apply For Some Jobs You Love

Money makes the world go round, the world go round, I’ll stop singing now! The thing is though, that if you’ve fallen out of love – or were never in love – with your jay – oh – be then it’s time to do something about it! Set a little bit of time aside each day before or after work or even on your commute and apply for the types of jobs that you’d lurv to have.


Even if you only apply for a few jobs each week, make them count by only applying for the gems, this way you’l start to get excited @ the prospect of a brand sparkling new career and then the law of attraction will step in to do the rest and make the magic/k happen …

5) Make Some Time For A Hobby

Have things been all work and no play? then try to put a little time aside each week to explore hobbies and activities that you’ve always been interested in but up till now have never looked in to and pursued.


Have you always wanted to join an amateur dramatics class or indeed an amateur photography group, well it’s easy peasy to look up online or in a local newspaper what’s going on in your area, hobby and club wise, so don’t be shy give that pottery class a try …



6) Clear Out Some Clutter

Even in this new digital age, sometimes our living space can start to become overwhelmed with paper clutter and other items which for one reason or other we feel we must keep – deep within our knowing, we’re aware that it’s not particularly helpful to feel obliged to keep material objects.


So if you’ve been hanging on to things for far too long, if that VHS video player, which you enjoyed watching movies on before the advent of DVDs and now viewing from the cloud, pulls @ your heart strings because of the happy memories of days gone by; but you know that VHS is obsolete, then take a photo of the video player and donate it to … Umm where does one donate a VHS player to? oh well there’s always Ebay, so why not make a pound or two from the items that @ the moment are making your home environment look like ground un/organised chaos

7) Sort Out Some Of Your Financial Affairs

Do you find it hard to walk on by when you’re out and about and you just happen to catch a glimpse of an oh so enticingly gorgeous gota ‘av ’em now pair o shoes!?! Yes a shoe shopping addiction can befall even the most clean livin tea total chick … So if you’ve got more pairs of shoes than you know what to do with and have never even worn em once – or just one or two times, then it’s time to deal with your mismanaged finances AKA spending compulsion/s. Are you a light-worker and have so many decks of Angel / Oracle /Tarot cards and other tools, that they’re beginning to make you feel confused and co-fuddled. Well in your sane heart centred business mind you know it’s time to sort out some of this greedy needy behaviour.


It can feel very empowering, when you promise yourself to not buy that unnecessary needy greedy item… When you next feel tempted to spend say £50 or 65 or $70 etc on an unessential bright pink handbag, why not instead put that total amount of money away in a savings account! When you see the money build up you will be amazed and as a bonus you’l have a financial umbrella for an economic rainy day.


8) Join Some Dating Agencies

If you’ve been single for quite some time, then one of your new year resolutions may be to find lurv! Well how ya gonna do that!?! Cos if ya keep doin the same thing ya gonna keep gettin the same darn thing … So hows about signing up to a dating agency, or two, or three or … Sometimes in life you just have to put yourself out there a little bit more. You can opt to join a few free dating websites as well as one or two (or whatever you can afford) premium dating sites.


I recommend that you put your money where your mouth is and become a paying member of @ least one premium dating website, purely because the men (or women) will be paying members also. This tends to attract a higher calibre of (vetted) potential suitor/s, whilst weeding out less desirable possible partners. Plus lets face it, if a person is willing to pay to join a dating website, then they’re a lot more serious about – well finding a serious relationship – than someone on a free for all dating site. Just use your common sense and don’t give out your address and other highly personal details and meet in a public place – that sort of thing …

9) Spend Some More Time With Family & Friends

We often take those we love the most for granted and that’s not a bad thing, it’s just human nature but if you’ve been neglecting your friends and family while putting your work life firmly in the foreground, then it’s time to commit to an emotionally healthy work life balance. It’s wise to ingrain this new positive trait in to your daily routine, do you have a diary? filofax? or even your mobile / cell phone will do!


If you’re any thing like me, you will have your work schedules penciled in or set as an alarm reminder on your phone etc … Well why not also schedule in a date night with your partner or spending quality time with your child/ren or ever growing older parent/s and also remember your (best) friend/s. After all it’s true, you’re career can’t give you a kiss or a hug @ the end of the day

10) Do Some Voluntary Work

Putting others before yourself is a new years resolution that doesn’t always make the top 10 – but hey you’re on a light worker website, so really it would be a very sad and confounding state of affairs to leave this one off the list! Sometimes we can become immersed in our own selves and our own problems way too much. We can direct too much effort, power and force toward what’s not right and then by way of the law of attraction we keep getting more of the stinky stuff – well we all much prefer the smell of honey suckle and roses to that, so if you would like to infuse a sweet aroma within the embers of your glorious being, then it can be a great idea to give of thyself to heal thyself.


Yep that’s right, helping others without expecting anything in return is one of the best feelings ever isn’t it!?! You feel so much happier and fulfilled within yourself when you’ve volunteered @ a local charity or not for profit organisation, after all the love of people ought always come before the love of money and thy ego, lol !!!

Some Self Vows Really Are Realistic & Achievable!


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These 10 new years resolutions are all realistic and achievable! You’l have probably noticed in the sub headings, the word “some” features in every suggestion. This is so you don’t feel pressured in to making vast sweeping changes, the subconscious usually prefers the softly softly one step @ a time approach and so the word “some” emphasizes that you don’t have to do everything @ once, in fact you don’t have to do any of them @ all!


However if you feel it’s indeed time for you to make some changes this fresh new year, then why not pick out one or two – or even a few more in the above top ten resolutions list – that resonate with who you are and where you’re @ in your life journey right now. Sculpt, shape and turn them in to your own personalised pledge/s that you make to your wonderfully awesome self this January and beyond …


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Oprah Winfrey Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right


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How To Super Charge The Law Of Attraction 2019



Wanna know how to use the law of attraction !?! well as the saying goes like attracts like and indeed it certainly does otherwise how else did you land on this page and get to this website !?! You got here because you want to know how to attract the things to yourself that you would like to happen in your life; however did you know that you can actually supercharge the law of attraction.


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You probably already know that the law of attraction is a type of master key that unlocks your potential to be or have any thing your ? desires, as long as your thoughts are in alignment with the very circumstance or wish that you want to materialize in your life …


However when learning how to use the law of attraction it isn’t enough to bring yourself to a place of simply wanting something and focusing on it. Many people find out about this natural metaphysical force and then spend much time concentrating on their desired outcome and then become frustrated when after several or even 6 months or more, their said desire has yet to transmute in to the physical fourth dimension.


Super Duper Charge Your Law Of Attraction Battery


Yes it does obviously help to stay focused on your ultimate goal when utilising this ancient law which has been in existence since the inception of time and beyond but to supercharge the law of attraction and learn how to draw forth from this universal wishing well you need to harness the power of joyful feeling


If you’re unemployed or have a jay-oh-be that leaves you feeling dis-satisfied and unfulfilled (perhaps unfortunately you even dread going to work) you may have been trying to use your wish for a dream job, coupled with your intense concentration to bring it about – and yet feel deflated and disappointed because you’re still in a nine to five you can’t stand and you’ve only had a handful of job interviews, but to no positive avail AKA you didn’t get the job …


Perhaps you’re single but truly madly deeply desire to attract your ideal partner – a man or woman – who ticks most of the boxes on your cosmic ordering wish list but you still have only managed to attract potential partners that you know would not be a very good match for you …


Exercise Your Inner Fairy


Fret not, wipe those fear tears from your beautiful eyes, the feel good joyful fairy is here and she – or he – is going to help you to truly learn how to use the law of attraction. Well where is she? you ask, l@@king around. Well honey bunny sweet sugar pie, you have to l@@k within – because she or he is there within the well springs of your heart, soul, spirit and super subconscious, just let her or him out, give her or him permission to sprinkle that magic dust of joyful hOpe and optimism and you will begin to naturally supercharge the law of attraction !!!


Yes, when you have a burning ambition or goal in mind, to get to the finishing line, to burst through the winners tape, it’s vital that you add the power of joyful and excited feelings to your efforts of daily visualisation and focus. When you concentrate on that amazing job that is already hovering in the ether waiting for you to claim it, you have to feel it with joy, vigor and excitement, when you can physically feel yourself tingling in expectant anticipation of that oh so fabulous job it will soon easily find it’s way to you …


The Bus Of Wishes Will Arrive !


When it comes to the law of attraction, I like to use the “waiting for a bus” analogy, when you’re @ a bus stop waiting for a bus to arrive, you don’t just believe it will arrive, you expect it to arrive, this is how you need to tap in to the eternal law of attraction, now I know we don’t necessarily feel joy @ the prospect of the bus arriving but we do expect it to arrive.


Bearing the bus metaphor in mind, try your very best to joyfully and excitedly expect the new job. In your minds eye, conjure up a cartoon or even 3D avatar of yourself and dress your mini me fairy avatar in the best fairy garb you can, wear your favourite colour or colours, if you like the Gothic look, then make your inner avatar a gorgeous Gothic fairy, if you like pink and sparkly, then so shall she – or he – be … and so on and so forth …


Now you’re inner fairy avatar mini me, mini you, lol, is waiting @ a bus stop. Go on, super impose her or him @ a bus stop that you use or see often. Your inner joyful fairy of feeling avatar is waiting @ the bus stop and she l@@ks brimming with and is beaming with expectant excitement. She knows the bus is going to arrive – now it’s a little late but your inner fairy of joy doesn’t check the time on her mobile / cell phone because she knows the bus is going to arrive … when the bus arrives it has an advert on the side of it, it says something like “Destination Dream Job” you’re joyful inner feeling fairy avatar excitedly gets on the bus and you watch the bus drive off until you can no longer see it …


A Fabulous Fairytastic Tool


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To increase the probability of quickly manifesting your hOpes and dreams in your life, you can use this powerful, fun and magical joyful utilisation exercise to supercharge the law of attraction once a day or even more times, just make sure that you’re in a great feeling place of joy and excitement when you do it !!!


You can use this method for all manner of hOpes and desires. For instance if you have your heart set on mr or mrs right, then the bus can say “Destination Dream Soulmate” or “Destination Mr Right” or lets say you want to find your dream house the advert on the side of the bus can say “Destination Dream House” and you can also imagine a picture or photo of your dream house alongside the caption on the bus. The different desires you can imagine are endless because your imagination and desires are endless …


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Ralph Marston Dare to visualise a wOrld in which your most treasured dreams have become true


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A pentagram is a five pointed upright standing star and thus it’s name which originates from two Greek words, the first being penta which represents five and the second Greek word is gramma which by definition means letter. In fact the ancient Greeks were among the first civilizations to devise the pentagram shape and to ascribe symbolic meaning to it … Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


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Imbolc, Candlemas And The Goddess

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Imbolc, Candlemas and the Goddess – Brigid – are central to the 1st or 2nd of February on the Irish Celtic calendar, which is regarded as the beginning of early spring time. It is a time of gentle, subtle fertility that derives from farming and the lambing season, when ewes – female sheep – are with lamb or in the early stages of expectancy. It’s the time of year in Ireland when beautiful white snowdrop flowers start to appear like jewels in the lush green grasses and cute little lambs tails grow as shoots from hazel trees …  Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


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There is an established trend of well known professional Oracle Card reader personalities and popular Angel card readers and some Tarot card readers and last but certainly not least, large card deck publishing companies not featuring the name or names of the artist or artists who have put their tender loving care into creating the deck which has been conceived in the minds of the Angel / Tarot / Oracle card personality and professional reader but in reality born by the hard work of the artist. Or in many other instances the name or names of the artist or artists are featured On the Tarot, Angel or Oracle card box but to a much lesser and more inconspicuous degree than the Tarot, Oracle or Angel card personality.  Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


An Atheists Prayer For Donald Trump

You can close your eyes and listen to this prayer while holding firm to the belief that prayer – even an atheists prayer – has the power to sway the outcome of a situation, or you can read this prayer out loud with or without the narrated version playing, or you can listen to the narration and simply say out loud @ the end of each prayer verse merciful universe hear this atheists prayer. Of course you can always pick out just one verse and read it out loud or whisper it to the cosmos if the need arises – for instance in Donald Trump appears to be losing the plot on Twitter, then go to the Twitter verse (number 13) … and so on for whatever unfolding circumstances may take form in the bizarre Trumpesphere …   Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


What Can I Tell About People By Learning To Read Auras

Guest Blog Post By Elise Mori
From LotusForest.Net


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Hello Elise here !


In this blog post, we discuss how well we can judge someone as a person from looking at their aura, and what the colours of the aura could mean.


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