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Since that other website banned witches spells, have you been desperately seeking a new corner in cyber space? that will serve all of your spiritual and metaphysical needs!?! Have you spent valuable time perusing the BIG G and other search engine results pages? but alack alas, to no particular avail – up until NOW! Yes WOW you have indeed found what you’ve been looking for, well as the BIG J said Seek and you shall find !!! – that’s Dum Spiro Spero (but ya gota remember the dot world too!) is THE VERY METAPHYSICAL MARKETPLACE WEBSITE YOU’VE BEEN L@@KING FOR since dat other site banned witches from selling their magickal spells and thus by default – stopped you from being able to buy such specialist services …


Admittedly we wish for this website to entertain the finer aspects of witchery …


Hocus pocus I ain’t gona turn you into a locust
Cos hocus pocus I always remember the lotus


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Or put another way, we allow spells that are associated with the possibility of a positive outcome. For instance we don’t allow the sale of breaking up relationship spells or revenge spells or hexes or curses. The Wiccan Rede “An it harm none do what ye will” is as true today in the glorious new age of the Aquarius as it was in times long past … It’s a brilliant mission statement and work (and play) ethic and furthermore it is baffling that so much ill has been done to Witches, Wizards and the Pagan community throughout history – and how often times (even today) Pagans and Wiccans are misrepresented and presented as off the wall – when in fact Wicca and Paganism are among some of the most peaceable belief systems in the world. 


So perhaps you’ve been single for what you yourself considers to be far too long and hence you’d like to seek the services of a witch who – irrespective of the end result – is able to put her heart and soul (not literally and certainly not in no cauldron) in to performing a please universe help Emily / fill in the gap – – – – – – – find the lurv of her life incantation … Well on Dum Spiro Spero you can buy a service like this!


Or maybe you’re desperately seeking a change of job and you feel that – despite the outcome – a wise wizard who is completely detached from you’re career situation is better suited to serve your metaphysical needs and send some positive energy out in to the ether on your behalf – @ you can employ the time of a wickedly gud witch or wizard to perform rituals such as this for you! Though of course however, the positive result that you desire can never be guaranteed


So be of good cheer as they say because when a multi store website door closes some of the witchy services it used to allow Wiccans and Pagans and other purveyors of magickal arts to offer to the ever seeking the spiritual community … somewhere within the digital interstices of the world wide web another online metaphysical marketplace window opens … 


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Carol R Mc Grath If you take a copy of the Christian Bible and put it out in the wind and the rain, soon the paper on which the words are printed will disintegrate and the words will be gone. Our Bible is the wind and the rain


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