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Hopefully your customers wont cancel any service
they have booked and paid for
and hopefully you wont have to replace or refund
any of your customers purchases
but hey sometimes these things happen
so to make things easier,
here’s some information to help the process along


Please note that this page is also part of the
terms & conditions agreement between
you the seller and us here @ Dum Spiro Spero


If a customer decides
they’d like to either return a physical or downloadable item
and exchange it for something else,
or instead they’d prefer a complete refund,
under the (UK) consumer contracts regulations
as a seller you need to abide by the following –


1) Product/s Or Item/s Cancellation By A Customer


A buyer has a right to cancel their physical item order
or downloadable product order
@ Dum Spiro Spero


Their legal right to cancel their order
begins from the moment they place the order
and ends 14 working days
from the day after they receive the goods
However they needn’t have returned
the goods within this time frame


2) Customer Returns


The customer has 14 days
from the day they received the physical item/s
to return it to you the seller


3) Returns Postage Costs


As a seller you are liable to pay the postage costs
We do ask the buyer
to keep the packaging that you used
as packaging that the item/s arrived to the buyer in
so they can re-use it (and save you this cost)
in the event of needing to
return the item back to you the seller


4) Confirmation Of A Buyer’s Cancelled Order


The customer must confirm
that they have cancelled the order
by email or letter
Please note that Dum Spiro Spero
doesn’t communicate via fax
Buyers are encouraged
to make their cancellation by email
and failing that by (snail mail) letter instead


5) Goods A Buyer Can’t Return


There are some goods
that the buyer can’t return
if they simply change their mind
after receiving a purchased product
from you the seller
these include


i) CDs, DVDs or software
if you have broken the seal on the wrapping
ii) Perishable items
– such as flowers
iii) Customised, personalised
and tailor made items
– such as ear-rings
and other products ascociated
with deep personal hygiene


6) A Customers Right To Cancel
A Downloadable Product


After a customer purchases a
digital downloadable product item
from you the seller
such as an mp3 meditiation file,
an mp4 ASMR video,
a pdf tarot reading,
a pdf e-magazine etc …
the customer may wait 14 days
before downloading the said product/s
so if they change their mind
they can recieve a refund


If the customer would like to download
the product item
they bought from you immediately
or before the 14 day cancellation period
the customer waivers the right to a refund


This is to make sure
that the digital content is what the customer
actually wants
before they download it


7) Replacing A Digital Downloadable Product


Downloadable product items
obviously can’t be returned
but instead the customer
can decide whether they’d like
the downloadable product item
they purchased from you the seller
to either be
repaired or replaced


If the customer is satisfied with
the content of the
downloadable product
they purchased from you
but would like it repaired
due to an issue with
the visual or sound quality
please do your best to
meet and fulfil your customers request


If the customer is dissatisfied with
the content please try your best
to replace the
digital downloadable product item
with another similiar
downloadable product
that you have for sale on this site.


Failing this Dum Spiro Spero
asks the customer to contact
and we will do our best to
replace the digital product
with a similiar one
from a different seller.


8) Customer Cancelling A Service/s Order


If a customer buys a service
from you the seller
such as a tarot card reading,
a spell
or a counselling session –
they agree that they are paying for the time
that you the service provider is giving
throughout the duration of the said service.


9) When To Refund A Customer For “Service/s”


Providing that the service hasn’t yet taken place
the buyer can cancel the order
within 14 working days
and receive a full refund
from the day after they booked
and paid for the reading / service


10) When A Customer Can’t Be refunded For “Services”


If the buyer decides that the service/s
or angel / oracle or tarot reading etc
can take place immediately
or before the 14 day cancellation period has ended
and if the said reading or service/s
does take place before the 14 day cancellation period
or if the said reading or service/s
happens after the 14 day time frame
the buyer will not receive a refund


11) Proof As A Safeguard For You The Seller


It is imperative and highly important
that as a service provider
you keep some proof
that the service has taken place


As an example
if you provide a customer
with an angel card reading
via Skype to Skype with the said customer
please take a screen shot of the session
after it has ended
or if you sit in front of a webcam
and record / film yourself
doing an oracle card reading
or spell etc
for your paying customer
and then upload the video to YouTube
please keep the link


We ask for proof so that you the seller
and service provider do not have to refund
a buyer after you have performed the reading


We try our very best @ Dum Spiro Spero
to be fair to both sellers and buyers!


For relevant third party independent information please visit


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