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Finding Love Again With A Bit Of Help From The Tarot

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Finding love again after a romantic relationship has come to an end can sometimes seem like an impossible ideal or even a momentous task – but that’s the thing, finding love again when you’re ready wont feel like a task, burden or uphill struggle, it will feel easy and fun and really that’s when deep down in your heart of hearts you will know that it’s the right time for you to find love again …  Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


Sticks Of Fortune ~ Chinese Fortune Telling Sticks

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Divination by Chinese Fortune Telling Sticks is one of the oldest forms of Chinese fortune telling – indeed for that matter, it is one of the most ancient methods of divination in the www – the whole wide wOrld ! Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


The Hand Of Fatima And The Evil Eye

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The hand of Fatima also known as the hand of Hamsa is a well recognized type of talisman and amulet named after the Muslim Prophet Mohamed’s loyal daughter Fatimah, which many people of the Islamic and Jewish faiths in the Middle East and North Africa; as well as people of other religions and belief systems, wear as a way of warding off the evil eye.   Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


Crystal Ball Readings

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Crystal balls have been used as a tool to tap in to the fourth dimension for as far back as the first century Anno Domini . Crystal gazing evolved from other forms of scrying, for instance a simple bowl of water was often used, due the reflectiveness of the water and the fact that either by wind or other entirely natural occurrences, the water could be easily agitated, thus making it easier to perceive an image therein.   Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


Voodoo Hoodoo Which One Do You Do !?!

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Voodoo & Hoodoo are often confused and used interchangeably, however these two words that l@@k and sound very similar are both distinctly different, so what is the difference between Voodoo and Hoodoo Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


Swap Your Tarot Decks For FREE !

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You can now swap your Tarot decks for free here on Dum Spiro Spero – well it’s free apart from the packaging costs and postage costs – but unless you’ve discovered a way to magically transport your deck, then there’s no real way of getting around the fact that post and packaging costs will have to factor in to the bargain !


Trade Angel / Lenormand / Oracle / Tarot Decks Through This Website ! Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


Top 10 Divination Methods

For this top ten divination methods list, it makes more sense to do this in reverse order, counting down from number ten to number one, in order of popularity – with number one being the most widely acclaimed, so enjoy this merry little types of divination ride …



Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


Oracle Card Readings For Metaphysical Guidance


Oracle cards are a close relative of the Tarot and although both methods can be used as tools for divination – because Oracle cards tend to have less structure and are more free flowing and less uniform than Tarot – using Oracle card readings for metaphysical guidance are an excellent tool and they are also very handy little helpers when it also comes to personal development and spiritual counselling. Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


How To Do A Pendulum Reading

Get A Pendulum Reading


Pendulums can be very useful tools to use when seeking a definitive yes or no answer to an important question. These wonderful little dowsing tools can be a simple chain with a ring attached to it or alternatively a necklace can be used and of course more elaborate pendulums – such as a chain with any type of gemstone can be used too! Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


Dice Divination

Buy A Numbers Dice Reading  

Dice are often associated with playing games however dice can also be used as a method of divination or probing the universe for wise counsel … Read Or Listen To The Complete Article

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