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The 12 Nights Of Christmas

You Can Buy & Download This 12 Nights Of Christmas Song MP3 @ The Dum Spiro Spero wOrld Store, 1/3 of proceeds go to the Samaritans Charity

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On the first night of Christmas
my mother sent to me
a 6 foot pop up Christmas tree  Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


Soldier Boy Soldier Boy – A Remembrance Day Poem


A world war one remembrance day poem 


Nineteen fourteen unrest in the Balkans
Archduke Ferdinand assassinated
soldier boy soldier boy
nineteen fourteen many a nation retaliated 

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It Is The Time Called All Hallows Eve

Music By Kevin MacLeod


1) The days are getting shorter
the once green leaves turn to yellow orange gold
oh what a deciduous sight to behold
and for those that in Dracula and evil clowns do believe
it is the time called All Hallows Eve 

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A Spell For World Peace


For this spell for wOrld peace you will need ~  Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night Spell


This spell must be performed on bonfire night! You will need to write down on a piece of paper what you want to banish and then throw it into a Guy Fawkes bonfire on the night of November the 5th, or instead burn it in a fireplace or use a candle.


Disclaimer Dum Spiro Spero (Dot World) is not liable for any accident or burn you may incur, please be sensible and please be careful ! Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


Dum Spiro Spero


Dum Spiro Spero
The Golden Antelope & The Silver Sparrow
A Sleep-Time Poem For The Little Ones
in who lay the hOpes of the wOrld



Listen Instead Of Read


Dum spiro spero
said the silver sparrow
to the golden antelope
while I breathe I hope
said the golden antelope
to the silver sparrow
that we find the golden bow
with the magic silver arrow Read Or Listen To The Complete Article

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