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Angels And Demons – The Good, The Bad And The Fugly – 2020

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Demons and Angels are believed to exist by many cultures, belief systems and religions including Christianity, Hinduism, Wicca, Voudon, Kabbalah and many more.


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As Within So Without


Religion may indeed be God inspired but nevertheless the mind of man and woman is deeply interconnected with various human concepts of good and bad and so it stands to reason that our concept of the angelic and demonic forces and heavenly and hellish realms are constructs of the good and bad in ourselves, the sunny side of self and our shadow selves. It is said that we all have the capacity to be Mother Theresa or Adolf Hitler however the vast majority of us human beings fall somewhere in the middle of the Theresa / Hitler spectrum … and of course we’d all like to think that on the good or bad o memoter we ere closer towards the good than the bad and in all probability most of us do !


The Basic Academia Of Good n Bad


Many theological and philosophical schools of thought portray good and evil as being separate to man – and woman. Human beings are seemingly penetrated by an evil spirit or if it’s a good one – a benevolent spiritual being – an angel – then the human being is permeated by it!


Hence good surrounds and bad invades. This may indeed be true – that spiritual forces both sweet and unsavourily sour do exist somewhere in the fabric and interspices of the cosmos; as well as the ether here on Earth or in the famous words of Poimandres – which can be found in the Emerald Tablet – as above so below or as can be found in the Bible Thy will be done in Earth as it is in heaven …


From The Overflow Of The Heart


The (very possible) external existence of good angels or positive energy and of course more disturbingly – evil demons or negative energy – does not negate the (very real possibility) that good and bad lurks deep within the hearts and minds of the modern human species and hence that these two polar spiritual and moral traits can coexist or one can lie dormant like a sleeping beauty whilst the other can rage like an ugly – fugly – beast …


The Good


Archangels Gabriel and Michael are perhaps the best known good angels and representations of benevolent energy.


Angel Gabriel is mentioned by name in the Bible several times, for instance (in the Old Testament Daniel chapter 8 verse 16) when Gabriel interprets Daniels vision about the ram, goat and horn and in the New Testament Luke chapter 1 verse 19 when Mary receives the most famous of glad tidings! The ability to solve conundrums and decipher mysteries are widely accepted as positive human qualities.


Angel Michael also features in various books of the Bible including in Daniel chapters 10 & 12 where he is referred to as a “Prince” and in the New Testament book of Revelations chapters 12 & 19 Michael is a warrior angel, contending with the dragon in the pursuit of defeating evil. Similar qualities within the collective conscious are therefore deemed appropriate – it’s regarded by many (but not all) as being sociologically and geopolitically acceptable to resort to the use of hard power and fight the good fight to deter an assumed enemy and sometimes a manufactured enemy …


The Bad


When it comes to bad angels or demons, that old devil called Satan AKA Lucifer has to take the number one spot when it comes to the hierarchy of terrifyingly ugly bad demons and malevolent spiritual entities!


D-evil one’s first appearance in the Bible is in it’s first book – the book of Genesis. Here the devil assumes the guise of a friendly but cunning serpent who tempts and manipulates Eve to take a bite from the forbidden apple of knowledge, she in turn influences Adam to also eat from the apple – and hence according to Biblical lore the devious snake is responsible for the entire fall of humankind. Plots and ploys are generally shunned as negative human tendencies – the story of Eve, the serpent and the apple serve as a reference of what not to do


The notorious fall of Lucifer from heaven is mentioned in the old testament book of Isaiah chapter 14 verses 12 – 16 How you have fallen from heaven … you have been cast down … you said I will raise my throne above the stars of God … I will make myself like the most high … but you are brought down to the realm of the dead, to the depths of the pit … It is written in to the collective human consciousness that puffed up pomp, pride, arrogance and narcissism are negative undesirable attributes – hence the saying pride comes before a fall which is most certainly derived from the story about the fall of Satan


And The Fugly


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There are many other ugly – fugly – demons depicted in other belief systems including –


Hinduism Kali is a particularly malodorous ugly, spiteful, jealous evil spirit daemon that takes great delight in corrupting and leading people astray. Kali enjoys nothing better than to incite devastation and suffering … There’s a general consensus that Schadenfreude is a deviant and mean hearted human emotion.


Wicca In Greek mythology Hades is a vengeful ruler of the demon underworld. As Wiccans very well know, it takes a lot to provoke and garner his attention but if one dares to disturb or vex this spirit, there will be hell to pay …


In most cultures and belief systems, the world of the dead is associated with negative energies, in part due to the survival instinct, death subconsciously is perceived as negative – because we don’t truly understand it and the unknown can be frightening, therefore any spirit that resides in this realm, is naturally believed to be bad.


VoodooExu is a wicked, grotesque, deceitful dangerous daemonic entity – he is a spirit of the dead, in South American Vodun, this fiery spirit hovers at the crossroads between life and death …


Deceitfulness is an uneasy and unsettling characteristic loathed by most people.


KabbalahSamael is among ten unholy angels of the Sephirot. He is a demonic prince and nasty deceiver and entrapper, he is able to shapeshift and become a doppelganger in order to subject a person to humiliating and embarrassing accusations which are very difficult to refute …


The ensnarement of others is always tinged by jealousy and ill will, in virtually every culture this trait is heavily frowned upon.


The Yin & Yang Of Spiritual Energies


The theological and sociological categorization of good and evil is virtually as old as the human race itself. During pre biblical times before our distant ancestors could write, the partitioning of positive and negative energies were conveyed through stories, proverbs, fables, myths and legends – which in turn due to the progression of languages evolving to the written word as well as the spoken – made their way in to religious, esoteric and arcane scrolls and now books.


Good angels and bad and ugly – fugly – demons therefore help us make sense of both positive and negative universal forces while assigning certain attributes and characteristics to specific and individual angelic and demonic entities.


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John Steinbeck It would be absurd if we did not understand angels and devils, since we invented them


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