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Please Put The Artists Name On The Oracle Cards Box


There is an established trend of well known professional Oracle Card reader personalities and popular Angel card readers and some Tarot card readers and last but certainly not least, large card deck publishing companies not featuring the name or names of the artist or artists who have put their tender loving care into creating the deck which has been conceived in the minds of the Angel / Tarot / Oracle card personality and professional reader but in reality born by the hard work of the artist. Or in many other instances the name or names of the artist or artists are featured On the Tarot, Angel or Oracle card box but to a much lesser and more inconspicuous degree than the Tarot, Oracle or Angel card personality.  Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


The 4 Kings Of Christmas

The Christmas story certainly isn’t short of a king or two or three or even four kings of Christmas, so who exactly were these kings !?! and what are the parallels between the 4 kings in the nativity story and the four kings in the Tarot …  Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


Finding Love Again With A Bit Of Help From The Tarot

You Can Have A Finding Love Again Tarot Reading Here



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Finding love again after a romantic relationship has come to an end can sometimes seem like an impossible ideal or even a momentous task – but that’s the thing, finding love again when you’re ready wont feel like a task, burden or uphill struggle, it will feel easy and fun and really that’s when deep down in your heart of hearts you will know that it’s the right time for you to find love again …  Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


Exploring Mystic & Universal Sufism

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You Can Get Tarot Of The Global Sufi Here


There aren’t many Tarot cards that incorporate Sufism within their system, however the Tarot of the Global Sufi by Australian Artist and Metaphysician Gavin Shri Amneon is one such deck !

So before we go any further, let’s explore exactly what a Sufi and Sufism is …  Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


The Tower Tarot Card And The Shadow Of 9/11


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Actually this audio essay could instead be titled September The 11th And The Shadow Of The Tower Tarot Card as either of these events could be a somewhat spooky echo or mirror of the other. Though which one truly came first is a bit like asking which came first, the goose or the gander !?! No matter whether on the micro metaphysical quantum level the imagery of the Tarot tower card was somehow influenced by the then future event of nine eleven or vice versa, the shadow aspects of the connection between September the 11th and the Tarot is as mysterious as it is somewhat unsettling …  Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


10 Terrific Tarot Tips And Tricks

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Here for your oracular delight and delectation are ten awesomely amazing terrific Tarot tips and tricks ~


1) Tip ~ It’s all in the shuffle Mixing the cards up so they are completely random and that any previous reading doesn’t influence the order of the cards for the next reading, you can learn to rifle shuffle Tarot cards by cutting the deck into two equal(ish) halves, then hold these halves in each hand, place your thumbs at the top of the stack of cards and bend your middle fingers and put them along the opposite edge of each card stack, move the stacks closer together and then gently move your thumbs in an upward direction against the edges of each card stack, now the cards should overlap one another as they are shuffled – and if @ first you don’t succeed, try, try again …  Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


Swap Your Tarot Decks For FREE !

Swap Your Card Deck For Angel Tarot Here


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You can now swap your Tarot decks for free here on Dum Spiro Spero – well it’s free apart from the packaging costs and postage costs – but unless you’ve discovered a way to magically transport your deck, then there’s no real way of getting around the fact that post and packaging costs will have to factor in to the bargain !


Trade Angel / Lenormand / Oracle / Tarot Decks Through This Website ! Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


The Lovers Tarot Valentines Day Ode


The angel with feathered wings like a dove
watches down on us both from above
and shoots the bow and arrow of love
to invisibly guide us to meet under the apple tree
flesh to flesh we are he and she and she and he Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


The Tarot Kabbalah Tango

Buy Tarot Of the Holy Kabbalah

Kabbalah and the Tarot have long been widely associated with one another. In fact so much so, that it could be said that these two ancient archaic enigmatic and mysterious knowledge seeking systems merrily dance the Tarot Kabbalah tango together! Chances are that the Tarot is based on the teachings and structure of the Holy Kabbalah and in particular it’s Tree Of Life with 10 corresponding spiritual and metaphysical attributes ~ it seems more than coincidental that these 10 attributes correspond almost perfectly with the Minor Arcana cards in the Tarot system. Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


The Star Tarot Card @ Christmas Time

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The Star Card From The Labyrinth Tarot Deck

A great night wonder of a star, many centuries ago in 5 BC/BCE, shone brightly down on Bethlehem, Nazareth and beyond against the natural dark canvas of the nearly black night sky. So luminous, intense and radiating was this star – that 3 wise men, who must have been knowledgeable and familiar with the sky @ night and perhaps were even astronomers and astrologers – felt compelled to be guided by this said ? – literally as well as figuratively and to hence journey from Persia to Bethlehem in Judea. Read Or Listen To The Complete Article

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