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Top 10 Witchy Winter Warmers

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It’s late autumn time, going in to winter, so it’s that time of year when witches every where need to keep cosy and snug, so here are the top ten wonderful witchy winter warmers, to help you along your merry winter way …  Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


13 Facts About Unlucky Number Thirteen And Friday The 13th

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Thirteen may be your lucky number – but many people regard the number thirteen as being the unluckiest number of all … Plus if we add the fifth day to the mix – Friday – which in some quarters is also supposed to be the unluckiest day of the week; we have Friday the 13th, a date dreaded by all those who are superstitious. So here are 13 facts about unlucky number thirteen and Friday the 13th that help explore why the number thirteen and also the date Friday the 13th are believed to be so ill fated … 
Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


10 Terrific Tarot Tips And Tricks

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Here for your oracular delight and delectation are ten awesomely amazing terrific Tarot tips and tricks ~


1) Tip ~ It’s all in the shuffle Mixing the cards up so they are completely random and that any previous reading doesn’t influence the order of the cards for the next reading, you can learn to rifle shuffle Tarot cards by cutting the deck into two equal(ish) halves, then hold these halves in each hand, place your thumbs at the top of the stack of cards and bend your middle fingers and put them along the opposite edge of each card stack, move the stacks closer together and then gently move your thumbs in an upward direction against the edges of each card stack, now the cards should overlap one another as they are shuffled – and if @ first you don’t succeed, try, try again …  Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


Top 10 Tools Every Good Witch Should Have

Witches and the word “tools” go together like, er hand in glove or hat on head or even like incense and smoke … but anyway, what are the top 10 tools every good witch should have !?!


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Well in descending order, here are the top ten witchy implements recommended by Dum Spiro Spero (Dot wOrld) 


10) Smudge Sticks are also known as sage sticks, however other herbs such as cedar leaf, mugwort and lavender can also be used to make these special sticks with. In the wonderful wOrld of witchery, smudge sticks, due to their pure plant based content, are believed to clear the air and enhance the surrounding vibrational frequencies in the ether. Witches also use smudge sticks to consecrate a sacred space before, during and even after performing a spell or ceremony or invocation. Obviously every good witch is always mindfully aware not to leave a burning smudge stick unattended in a room, she wants to burn the smudge stick, not the house down …  Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


10 Achievable, Realistic New Year Resolutions


Here are 10 achievable realistic new year resolutions. Promises that we make to ourselves in early January can be fun to make but sometimes we go over the top and set ourselves up with goals which are quite frankly burdensome and utterly impossible to accomplish. Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


10 ways to heal the wOrld @ Christmas time

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December is that special month of the year where we let in light and banish shade so here are ten ways to do exactly that and heal the world at Christmas time! Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


10 thanksgiving festivals around the wOrld


1) Thanksgiving is largely associated with the United States of America – the citizens of the USA  put so much tender care and preparation in to this annual celebration and day of appreciation on the 4th Thursday of November; by gathering together around the family dinner table and remembering to be grateful for all the good provisions that have come their way over the last year, while eating a traditional American thanksgiving dinner – but did you know that thanks giving and harvest festivals are also honored in other countries – so read or listen on to find out about thanksgiving around the world … Read Or Listen To The Complete Article

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