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The Great Pyramid Builders Of Giza

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How on earth did the great pyramid builders of Giza, manage to erect such wondrous monuments !?! and what were they for !?! and indeed what role did the gods and deities the Egyptians worshiped and revered have in the establishing of these most famous ancient architectural wonders …  Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


The New Age Conscientious Objector


Pipes Of Peace Sound Better
Than Drums Of War


In the 21st century, despite the prolific advances of technology in this era of the internet and the soft power it can yield to upturn various injustices – the drums of war are starting to beat louder and louder – admittedly the war drums never really stopped beating since certain institutions and industrial complexes realised that war – despite it’s mad folly can equal profit …  Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


Voodoo Hoodoo Which One Do You Do !?!

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Voodoo & Hoodoo are often confused and used interchangeably, however these two words that l@@k and sound very similar are both distinctly different, so what is the difference between Voodoo and Hoodoo Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


The Wonderful wOrld Of Wicca

Wicca is a much often misunderstood religion, belief system and lifestyle choice – it takes inspiration from the natural elements of the Earthly realm and highly esteems the sun, moon, wind and rain etc as being sacred and divine! Wicca originates from the Pagan / Celtic countries of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and even today there are dedicated Wiccan and Pagan communities in these four parts of the United Kingdom and Ireland …  Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


Mayan Mysteries Through The Mists Of Time

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The relics and great architectural monuments of the ancient and indigenous Mayan Meso-American civilization, are a showcase and footprint which long after their almost physical vanishing from the Earthly plane of existence, bear witness and testament that a great and advanced indigenous people once thrived in the America’s. 

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Golden Rule Politics @ The Looming Dawn (Of WW3)

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Some will say that politics and political commentary has no place on a metaphysical website – however incorruptible ethical politics has much to share with metaphysics and accordingly should always be concerned with accommodating – as much as possible – the fundamental needs of society @ large and of course so too adapt to the requirements of the individual of which any said society is composed of and sums an important part of the whole of that society. 

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Martin Luther King & His Amazing Technicolor Dream


Every now and again the wOrld is lucky enough to have a great teacher tread it’s topsoil and troposphere and in the 1950’s and 60’s there was certainly no shortage of inspirational icons. One of those whose light continues to shine on as a beacon of hOpe many decades after his departure from planet Earth is Martin Luther King. Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


The Ghost Of Christmas Pagan Past


Christmas is the best known Christian day of celebration and perhaps for that matter the most celebrated date in the whole wide wOrld. Now we all know that it marks the birthday of bonny boy baby Jesus Christ (though on the balance of probabilities he almost certainly wasn’t actually born on the 25th of December). However did you know that Christmas day used to be a Roman day of celebration? to mark the birthday of Sol Invictus which in English roughly means the Unconquered Sun.

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The Angel Of Advent Time

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Advent is the special count down and run up to Xmas, technically it begins 4 Sundays before Christmas Day but due to advent calendars many people mark it’s start on the 1st of December … Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


10 thanksgiving festivals around the wOrld


1) Thanksgiving is largely associated with the United States of America – the citizens of the USA  put so much tender care and preparation in to this annual celebration and day of appreciation on the 4th Thursday of November; by gathering together around the family dinner table and remembering to be grateful for all the good provisions that have come their way over the last year, while eating a traditional American thanksgiving dinner – but did you know that thanks giving and harvest festivals are also honored in other countries – so read or listen on to find out about thanksgiving around the world … Read Or Listen To The Complete Article

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