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Crystal balls have been used as a tool to tap in to the fourth dimension for as far back as the first century Anno Domini . Crystal gazing evolved from other forms of scrying, for instance a simple bowl of water was often used, due the reflectiveness of the water and the fact that either by wind or other entirely natural occurrences, the water could be easily agitated, thus making it easier to perceive an image therein.  


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Talking about agitation, it’s also much, much easier to see various images, whether still or moving in a natural quartz crystal ball, this is because the crystal itself is left in it’s natural state (apart from being made in to a sphere shape); so the inclusions and cracks within this type of natural crystal act as a type of agitation – hence increasing the possibility of intuiting an image or a moving scene.


Of course many crystal balls today are made of manufactured lab grown crystal, so while these sorts of lab crystals aren’t made from 100% pure quartz crystal they do in part contain a portion of natural crystal.


Another type of crystal ball are those which are made from glass, these glass spheres are cheaper to buy than their natural quartz crystal and lab manipulated crystal ball counterparts. Furthermore it’s much harder to see any images in a glass crystal ball due to the fact that these crystal spheres do not contain any natural element of natural crystal.


So when seeking a crystal ball reading it’s highly advisable to check with the reader before the reading  actually takes place, to politely ask what type of crystal ball is being used and quite frankly if the reader says that the crystal ball they are using is made of glass, we would advise you to @ the very least be hesitant when considering going through with a reading … If the reader says that the crystal ball they are using for the reading is lab or laboratory crystal again here at Dum Spiro Spero we suggest that you think carefully before going through with having a reading, this is because lab crystals are still quite difficult to clearly see any sort of imagery in …


Therefore this leaves the former of the three types of crystal balls as the clear cut winner (er excuse the sort of pun!) even though a natural quartz crystal ball is anything but clear, ha ha, so when you come across a crystal ball reader who is using a natural quartz crystal ball, that has inclusions and cracks in it, you are much more likely to receive a reading which is genuine …


In fact the most famous seer and gazer was Nostradamus who would use a bowl of water and a scrying fork (made of wood) which he would use to disturb and agitate the water, Nostradamus himself knew that the likelihood of seeing any type of image in still water was rather remote to say the least, therefore it’s also prudent to apply this  principle to crystal balls as well !


Most professional crystal ball readers will place a black or dark blue cloth on a table and then put a crystal ball stand or holder on the table and then set the actual crystal sphere on it, this is because it makes it easier to see any images that may manifest themselves to the gazer. Most crystal ball readers prefer to do crystal ball readings in a room that has it’s curtains drawn or blinds down and even more preferable than this, a lot of crystal seers much prefer to do readings in the early morning (before sunrise) or in the evening (just after sunset) or indeed during the wee moonlight hours instead.


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Most crystal ball readers regularly “charge” their crystal balls on the night before the full moon (this is when the moon is @ it’s most powerful (for when the moon is completely full it is already on the wane). When a crystal ball is imbued with natural moonlight and moon energy it is said to be an even more potent all seeing eye !!!


Natural quartz crystal balls can be an incredible way to receive an inkling of a clue as to what you are attracting in the present as well as any possible future, many different images and even moving scenes can be seen and interpreted by professional crystal ball readers including people, cats, dogs, fish, birds, planes, cars, boats, streams, waterfalls, the sea, dragons, rainbows etc  …


The brilliant thing about having a crystal ball reading with a professional who uses a natural quartz crystal ball is that not only will they be able to intuit an image or moving scene within the realms of the natural quartz crystal ball but they will also be able to piece together what all the images they see during the reading specifically mean for you and your current life situation !


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Michael Moschen I bought a crystal ball and I wanted to use it – but I didn’t know how – and I wouldn’t use it until I developed a technique to use it that was truthful


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