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Dice are often associated with playing games however dice can also be used as a method of divination or probing the universe for wise counsel …


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A Brief History Of Dice 


Dice date back as far as 3000 BC, in Turkey archaeologists uncovered dice as well as other rather obvious game sets! Ancient Sumerian pyramid shaped dice have been discovered that go back to round about 2600 BC. Cube dice have been found in Egyptian tomb chambers and dice bearing the common recognizable numeric dots have been discovered in Italy from the time of the Roman empire. Most archaic dice that have been unearthed in Africa, Asia and Europe are carved out of animal bones and ivory and interestingly many of these dice bare indentations of dots which represent numbers on each of their faces!


From Games With Die To Fortune Telling With Dice


Way back in time during 3000 BC an Egyptian game called Senet involved the use of dice. Interestingly, In Biblical times dice may have been used to cast lots – which involved throwing sticks or stones with markings on –  to discern the will of God and to make key decisions. During the era of the Romans, dice were used and rolled in the past time leisurely (but often scorned) pursuit of gambling. In Japan dice were also used for gambling purposes as well as board games.


It seems that the transition from using dice in games to using dice as a form of fortune telling and divination is a natural one – our long lost ancestors would throw sticks and stones and animal bones to foresee the future in order to try and gain a glimpse of the weather for the future harvest. Would it be a much hOped for prosperous and bountiful cornucopia? Of course dice were thrown during the playing of games and so over time people began to also throw dice as a method of divination. It’s interesting to note though, that some historians have theorized that it’s the other way around – and that dice for playing games with, have in fact evolved from the very practice of fortune telling.


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Dice Diversity                                                            

Most dice today are made from plastic, wood or even gemstones and come in many different shapes and sizes and the markings on their sides can vary from numbers or dots usually ranging from 1 – 6 on six sided cube dice to letters (as illustrated in the related service photo above). Dice can also have images on their faces or symbols such as astrological signs and there are even I Ching, Lenormand, Runes and Tarot dice!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Dice can be pyramid shaped and so have 4 sides however all though these dice are quite mystical in appearance, they’re obviously not so easily rolled as six sided dice. 7 sided dice are easier to roll, though all is not equal with these dice due to some of the sides being rectangular in shape and the other sides which are pentagonal in shape have a more favorable outcome of being landed on.  There are dice which even have 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 24 and 30 faces. However more isn’t always better when it comes to using dice for divination as it can be difficult to deduce on many sided dice, which actual face and therein number, letter or symbol etc is meant to be read.                                 


How Dice Can Be Used For Divination & Fortune Telling                                                                        

Shake & Throw Me Into The Pin-Uverse x

Dice can be used to divine and fore tell the future in several different ways. A single numeric dice can be rolled and each number can be assigned a specific meaning (or several particularities). Alphabet dice as you would expect and is rather self explanatory, have a letter from the alphabet on each face and therefore they can come in sets of 5 and other sets usually have 16 dice. These dice can be shaken in hands cupped together or instead they can be rattled about in a container and then carefully released. Some times the dice when rolled will show a word without the dice having to be rearranged in order to decipher their message. Specific or general questions can be asked of alphabet dice. Tarot, Runes, Lenormand and I Ching dice are simply used in the same way as you would use the card, coin or yarrow versions of these divination tools.            


Mats and boards can be used in conjunction with dice, some are quite easy to intuitively grasp the meaning of, while others – such as the Tyke Dice system – are more in-depth and may need quite a few practice runs before being able to easily discern the meanings of all the different landing places. Nevertheless, whether smart or simple, which ever side of the dice is facing upwards and where ever the dice may land upon the casting board or mat, will be the answer to the seekers dear dilemma. 


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