Do Talismans Have Magickal Powers?

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A talisman is a physical object such as a piece of jewellery – particularly a pendant – or a mojo bag often used by Hoodoo practitioners, or even a piece of parchment paper with a symbol such as a hieroglyphic, pentagram or half moon etc drawn or written on it usually with an ink pen etc …


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In ancient Egypt the Udjet eye symbol was strongly associated with well being and excellent health, the Jewish six pointed star of David talisman is worn to remind the wearer that God is the Supreme ruler of the universe and it is said that this star symbol was inscribed on the battle shield of King David. Perhaps though, the best known of all talismanic symbols is the cross, the origins of this emblem due to it’s universal simplicity of design have their roots deeply planted in Paganism and even earlier religious and belief systems.


However the cross was later adopted by the early Christian church to denote that God sacrificed his son Jesus Christ as restitution for the sins of humankind and is interchangeably called the crucifix, particularly when adorned with a graven image sculpted upon it depicting a suffering Christ.



Now some Christians may not be too pleased @ having the cross and crucifix defined as a type of Talisman but the dictionary definition of a talisman is a stone, ring or other object, engraved with figures or characters, supposed to possess occult powers and worn as an amulet or charm. Many Christians wear the crucifix to represent their belief that Christ defeated and overcame the power of death and darkness. It’s interesting that the dictionary definition of the word occult is 1. of relating to magic, astrology, or any system claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies and 2. beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or understanding; mysterious. So the definition of a “talisman” in conjunction with the meaning of “occult” clearly shows that in some instances the Christian cross and crucifix are a type of talisman! 


Other popular talismans used and worn today are astrological talismans which bear the sun, moon or star sign of the wearer and talismans that depict the Buddha sitting serenely in the lotus position, this reminds the wearer to stay calm amidst the challenges of life and to release ones-self from attachments and desires. 


Some talismans come in the form of lockets – pieces of jewellery that open up – these can be very useful as a symbol such as a heart or Cupid with his bow and arrow can be drawn in ink and placed inside the locket, in the hOpe that it will bring good luck in the form of a lover. followers of the Hoodoo religion like to wear brass and copper good luck talismans in order to attract money, fertility and even psychic visions etc …


Talismans in and of them selves are obviously just objects but it was believed in ancient times – and even up to the here and now – that it is the blessing or the belief or indeed the intention that is psychologically and psychically imbued upon and attached to the talismanic object that gives it a magickal power.


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Over time as one generation supersedes the next, the human collective conscious begins to accept certain associations with certain images and certain symbols. Furthermore the powerful law of attractionlike attracts likecan also add fuel to the belief that talismans work. So if you wear a talisman to attract money, you obviously have money on your mind and your mind on money, in fact quite a lot so if you are now wearing or carrying about on your person an object to to draw money to yourself; therefore if your monetary circumstances begin to greatly improve, you may think it’s the talisman that has brought you this good luck but it may instead be the law of attraction @ work. 


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Though of course a talisman can be a very useful aid when used with the mysterious force of the law of attraction. If every time you touch the talisman around your neck or clasp it in your hand and feel happy and excited @ the prospect of a financial gain making it’s way to you, this can reinforce your belief that money is on it’s way to you, thus accelerating the universal law that we tend to attract what we predominately think, feel and believe.


So the answer to the question do talismans have magical powers? is humans almost certainly have the capacity to tap in to mysterious psychic thought forces, which boomerang back to us the original sender and a talisman can be a useful tool when learning to harness such power …                          


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JK Rowling – Harry Potter And now a chill settled over them where they stood and Harry heard the rasping breath of the dementors that patrolled the outer trees. They would not affect him now. The fact of his own survival burned inside him, a talisman against them, as though his fathers stag kept guardian in his heart


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