12 month intuitive tarot email reading

This is a general reading which will give you an idea of the overall influeces and events that will take place over the next12 months.

I draw 12 cards (1 for each month) then I will draw a thirteenth card which will represent the overal influence of the year.  This is an in-depth reading and takes some time and energy.

***** Please be aware that none of my readings are not computerized neither do I use standard card meanings to copy and paste into your email reading   

After you have purchased your reading please give me the following information : 

1) Full name

2) Date of Birth

3) Email address(where you would like your reading sent to).

4) 1 photo (optional)  

Delivery will take 1-3 days. You will receive an email and photo of your spread within this time period unless stated otherwise.   *********** You must be 18+ to purchase a tarot reading. **********************

  Disclaimer :  I am obliged by law to point out that tarot readings are intended to be for entertainment use only

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