12 Nights Of Christmas MP4 Video

The 12 Nights Of Xmas MP4 Sing Along Video

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Music & Vocals By Little Eris @ originalhuman.co.uk

Mixed & Mastered By Bill Everatt @ celticaradio.com



This download is for the 12 Nights Of Christmas sing along video in HD MP4 format, the single track mp4 video lasts for a duration of 6 minutes 12 seconds. The words for the entire song are displayed in a Karoke style, to Little Eris’s dulcet toned voice !



PLEASE NOTE that the 12 Nights Of Christmas mp4 Sing A Long Video file size is VERY LARGE at 356 MB – which means it may take quite a bit of time to download from this web store page.


You can download this mp4 video directly from this website to your computer by clicking the purchase button at the bottom of this web page, then immediately after purchase, an email receipt along with a download link ,will be sent to your email address.


If you wish to have this mp4 video on your iOS device, it is recommended that you purchase and download the 12 Nights Of Christmas mp4 video, from this store page, on to a computer first and then use iTunes to transfer the file to your iOS device.


If you want to put the 12 Nights Of Christmas mp4 video on your Android device, purchase the download from this store page and then once you’ve received the download link by email – simply long press on the download link and the file should then be saved on your Android device.


One third of money raised from sales of this 12 Nights Of Christmas music sing along video mp4 download, will go to the Samaritans charity, one third will go to the Welsh band and singing sensation Little Eris and the remaining third will go to this site for up keep and running costs etc …


©opyright PLEASE NOTE This 12 Nights Of Christmas MP4 sing along video can not be sold anywhere else online or offline, in any format, without the permission of Little Eris and Dum Spiro Spero wOrld and furthermore, only the first seven verses of the 12 Nights Of Christmas in any video format can be uploaded and published anywhere online – and if you upload and publish the first seven verses online, you must link back to this web store page. Also you cannot use any of the words from the 12 Nights of Christmas for any type of merchandise or branding, unless you have the permission of Little Eris and Dum Spiro Spero wOrld and the words from the 12 Nights Of Christmas cannot be published or sold anywhere online, in any written format or type of digital file without consent from Little Eris and Dum Spiro Spero wOrld.


This MP4 Video is only £2.99 / $3.85 /  €3.45 ~ Get It Now !


Little Eris & Dum Spiro Spero wOrld


Wish You A Happy Xmas & A Merry New Year x


Disclaimer No Refunds – but hey why would you want a refund for this awesome sing along video !


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