A Visit From Saint Nicholas


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This famous Saint Nicholas / Santa Clause / Father Christmas children’s poem, is a beautiful and captivating short story in lyrical form, for children everywhere ~ who are sure to absolutely love this poem being read to them by their mother or father on the night before Christmas !


The poem was first published on Tuesday the 23rd of December 1823 and from then ’til now, this magically vivid poem has been published in several various renditions ~ and because there are also so many gorgeously illustrated versions to choose from, this   F R E E   e/book contains two very distinctly artistically different versions, so with this download you will receive two e/books in one (document) !


It is thanks to Clement C Moore, the author of Twas The Night Before Christmas, A Visit From Saint Nicholas, that popular modern culture has a fixed perception of Santa’s physical appearance, personality traits and method of transportation ~ being a jolly old man, who is rather rotund, with a white beard who’s mode of travel is not by horse and cart but a sleigh and 8 reindeer and it’s also Clement Moore who birthed the notion of Father Christmas entering an abode down the chimney …


Dum Spiro Spero wOrld will not further elaborate on this age old but timeless Saint Nicholas poem because if you’ve never heard or read this poem before and you’d like to download this e/book for your child or grandchild etc and read it to them ~ it’s just as imperative that the poem is as fresh and new to you as it is the child who is bound to take delight in it being read to them …


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