Ancient Pagan & Christian Symbolism


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Ancient Pagan And Modern Christian Symbolism written by Thomas Inman, was first published in 1875 but despite the age of this book, it’s nevertheless an interesting and still relevant exploration of how Christian symbols evolved from much older Pagan religions which emanated from Babylonia, Egypt, India and Syria etc …


Throughout this e/book are many illustrations from ancient faiths, which clearly hint @ a connection between old Pagan symbology and Christian symbology. For instance the fish (on page 31 of this ebook) is a representation of Isis, Venus and healing ~ the fish has also been adopted in Christianity as a representation of faith and hOpe …


The famous image of the Virgin Mary holding baby Yeshua / Jesus are strikingly similar to images in Hinduism, such as Krishna nursed by Devak ~ which can be found (on page 72 of this ebook). The cross, perhaps the best known Christian symbol, may have in fact been derived from the cross in ancient Buddhism which was representative of the different aspects of the human body (on page 92 of this ebook).


The many Pagan & Christian illustrations throughout this e/book have an other wOrldy appeal to them and will be of interest to anyone on a journey of spiritual & metaphysical exploration that wishes to probe the connections between Paganism & Christianity.


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