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I’ve had these Tarot cards by Doreen Virtue for a few years but I’ve never really felt connected to them and I’ve decided that the artwork really isn’t my thing either – but you may really like the look of these cards ! I’ve added the best review for these cards I could find on YouTube to this listing, so you can get a better look at the cards in this deck.




Ideally I would like to exchange this deck for another Tarot cards deck or an oracle cards deck.



I’ve set the postage price to £7.00 for a swap within the UK and for a swap overseas I’ve set it at £17.00 approximately 19 euros or about 22 US dollars 


Please message me through this website by clicking on the link just beneath my Dum Spiro Spero “Ruby Romina” shop avatar, or alternatively you can contact me via email at


Thanks for reading this listing and if you have a deck you’d like to swap for these Angel Tarot cards, please get in touch with me !


Disclaimer Once you swap, you can’t swap the cards back with me ! (well I had to put something as a disclaimer x)

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Country NameUnited Kingdom
Domestic Post & Packaging7.00
International Post & Packaging17.00
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