Are We Right For Each Other? Pick A PDF {Pendulum} Reading


This pick a pdf pendulum style reading has been designed to answer your specific question are we right for each other?



This reading will answer your important couple compatibility question, clearly, concisely, quickly and easily !!!


It is my sincere hope that this reading gives you a happy answer, however if you receive an answer that may be a little unsettling or upsetting, know and understand that ultimately the oh so benevolent Universe desires for you to know the truth and to ultimately find true and long lasting relationship happiness with a partner you are compatible with.



There is also a very helpful personal developmental portion towards the end of this reading, which will be specific to whether you received a yes or no answer …



There are 2 different versions of this reading, H and K and hence two different possible outcomes for the query Are we right for each other? All you need to do is concentrate on the question are we right for each other? and decide which letter to select, H or K !?! Which letter does your intuition coax you towards … then simply purchase that specific pdf, now be sure to only purchase one of these files !





This pendulum reading is already completed and ready for you to get, right here, right now as it’s a contactless, timeless, evergreen, on demand downloadable reading ~ which means you don’t have to make personal contact with me and tell me your situation or ask me a question, simply focus on your question when you choose which download option to purchase. Once you’ve downloaded one of these readings, please take the parts of this reading that resonate with you {or that you are currently ready to accept} ~ whilst acknowledging that perhaps a part of the reading might just resonate with you {or be accepted by yourself} at some other point in your powerful future …





Download Instructions


You can download this mp3 / pdf directly from this website to your computer by clicking the purchase button at the bottom of this web page, then immediately after purchase, an email receipt along with a download link, will be sent to your email address.


If you wish to have this mp3 / pdf on your iOS device, it is recommended that you purchase and download the reading, from this store page, on to a computer first and then use iTunes to transfer the file to your iOS device.


If you want to put the mp3 / pdf on your Android device, purchase the download from this store page and then once you’ve received the download link by email – simply long press on the download link and the file should then be saved on your Android device.






1) This reading is for entertainment purposes only.


2) All downloadable psychic, angel, oracle, tarot, pendulum, charms, coin, dice readings and all other readings and reading downloads that I (Ruby Romina) offer are for entertainment purposes only, they are not a replacement for formal psychological, psychiatric, financial, legal, emotional or any other professional advice.


3) Although the readings I (Ruby Romina) offer will give you guidance you must always exercise your own logic and rationale.


4) In no way will I (Ruby Romina) or this website or app that you have purchased this reading on, be liable for any damages due to any course of action you may take or may not take, as a result of this reading.


5) I (Ruby Romina) do not give refunds as you pay for my time that it took to produce this reading and not necessarily the answer you get.


6) I, Ruby Romina, own the copyright to this reading and recording.


7) You do not have my permission or consent to copy this reading in part or in full or to resell or rebrand this reading in any format.





Prosperity &


Be With You



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