Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

The Celtic Cross tarot reading is designed to give you a full overview of your situation. This is a comprehensive ten card reading ideal for general and relationship readings, as well as readings tailored for a specific problem or area in your life. It explores many aspects of your situation, including:

The challenge you must overcome

Insight into your past, present and future

How you consciously and unconsciously view the situation

Most probable outcome

And more!

For each card drawn, I will write you a full paragraph, including a description of the card, traditional meanings of the card, and a full interpretation of it and how it applies to your situation. I will also write a paragraph on the general ‘feel’ of the reading and anything I surmise from your energy. Reading will be delivered in pdf format.

All services are for entertainment purposes only, and should not constitute a replacement or supplement to professional help. By buying this reading, you certify you are of legal age of majority in your country, you also accept that refunds are not accepted, and dumspirospero and the seller are not responsible for any actions you take because of this reading.

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