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The Book Of Luck is a gorgeous treasure of fortuitous superstition, the book of luck, which is sometimes also called Everybody’s Book Of Luck has been written by an unknown author ~ judging by the vintage aesthetic of the original book cover, one can guess somewhat accurately, that the book is rather old ~ though that only adds to it’s witchy appeal !!!


This ebook version of the Book Of Luck covers a wide range of superstitions including not crossing your knives and forks @ the dinner table (or else a quarrel with a friend will ensue) and this ebook also warns that it’s very bad luck for 13 people to be seated @ a table together (Judas Iscariot and betrayal comes to mind) …


There’s a section on palmistry, that even includes the planetary mounts of the palm, which makes this ebook worth downloading and reading alone ! Other physical attributes are also touched upon in this ebook, including what your chin, eyebrows and even the bumps on your head, may denote about your character etc …


If you’re still not sure about your career path, there’s a section dedicated to occupation governed by your horoscope sign … and as a Sagittarian, I must admit, I’ve often felt drawn to the wOrld of politics … so perhaps you may just glean a little bit of sound advice in regards to your career …


Lucky numbers, colours and precious stones according to your star sign are also covered in this book plus there’s a generous section on tea leaf reading. There’s also a list of lucky and unlucky dates as well as a chapter about flowers, their language and luck as well as special birthday flowers. Crystal gazing is also looked @ as well as moon glancing (what any phase of the moon cycle means upon looking @ it by happenstance in the night sky). Fortune telling with playing cards is also explored and there’s a chapter dedicated to superstitions pertaining to each month of the year …


Although one shouldn’t take all superstitions too seriously, nevertheless it’s worth adding this darling little ebook to your witchy e/library collection !!!


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