Fairy Faith In Celtic Countries


Language/s ~ English

Pages ~ 554



This e/book written by Walter Yeeling Evans Wentz, will take you on a journey to the wOrlds of Celtic fairy folklore in Brittany, Ireland, The Isle Of Man, Scotland, Wales and Cornwall, which up until the 10th Century AD used to be a part of Wales.


Included in this extensively written e/book ( 554 pages) are topics such as the Mysticism of Erin and Armorica, Fairy Tribes, Elvish Spirits, the Changeling, Demon Possession, Goddess Dana, the Sidhe Spirit Race, Arthur as a Fairy King, the Otherworld, and the Druid Connection to the Fairy Faith etc …


It is said that Lord Of The Rings author JRR Tolkien used this book in order to glean inspiration for his writings and many present day writers on the subject of Faerie’s have also used this e/book as a research tool.


What makes this Fairy exploration a fascinating read is that the author W Y Evans Wentz held a genuine belief that Fairys, Dwarfs and Spirits do exist and so do too, the people in this treasure of an e/book, that testify to the fact that they encountered A Fairy


As the writer of this synopsis, perhaps I would have had my doubts about the existence of Fairys but round about the year of 2008, I recall on a hot summers day in England, an unusual beautiful dancing shadow that must have occurred by the most opportune natural circumstances and even though as I reiterate ~ it was a totally natural phenomenon ~ something else was @ work or play … The shadow was about 15 cms in height and took the form of a human being, it moved back and forth in a delightful, ethereal and hypnotic manner. All the more, it was the feeling I experienced while in it’s presence ~ a gentle, all embracing vibration. My logical self knew it was just a shadow but my spiritual 4th dimensional self knew it was a playful Faerie … My belief that it was indeed a Fairy is further upheld by the fact that all these years later, I still clearly recall this event which lasted for about 5 minutes …


Anyway, enough about moi, this e/book will be of great value if you wish to explore, analyze or research Fairy Lore and even if you are well versed in the field of Fairys (no pun intended) you’re bound to find something new in this wonderful wOrld of Fairys compendium …


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