Flower Power Psychic Spinner & Oracle Reading

You can ask up to 3 specific questions for this flower power psychic spinner & oracle reading and the topic/s you choose can be related to love, romance and relationships, family, friends, work and career, emotional well being etc …


This is a written reading by PDF – I will send this pdf by attachment to your email address x



This gorgeous spinner has many different types of flowers upon it’s circular face and each flower represents an important aspect, so I’ve teamed the spinner up with my other oracle goodies – which for this specific reading is a charm, a word lot and a psychic dice, then once I’ve thrown each of these oracles on the spinner, I then spin the arrow and the direction the arrow head is pointing towards, will be the flower and it’s guiding message that the universe has lovingly plucked for you !



Wherever the various oracles land on this flower power themed oracle spinner will hold extra significance for you and the message/s that you are meant to receive from the benevolent all knowing and supremely wise and kindly, friendly universe …


You can ask up to 3 questions for this psychic flower power and mixed oracles reading.


Please note that I don’t do general readings, I don’t clutch at straws, you need to tell me what the specific problem/s or issue/s is / are about x



1) You must be age 18 or over to have this reading or the legal age of majority in the country you reside.

2) You must pay for this reading before I do it for you.

3) I charge for my time so a refund can’t be given, even if you don’t like what the oracles are telling you.

4) I am not and shall not be liable for any action/s or life choice you may take or not take as a result of this reading.

5) This mixed oracle reading is for entertainment purposes only.


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