Full In-Depth Email Tarot Reading

Full in-depth email readings, using a combination of tarot, oracle and angel cards, sent to your email address, within 24 – 48 hours, providing insight and guidance for any situation.

Please provide name, d/o/b, and questions you would like answered during initial contact.  Readings will be sent to the email address given at time of booking/payment, unless stated otherwise


1 – No pregnancy, legal or health questions. 

2 – You must be aged 18 or over or the legal age of your country of residence.

3 – I charge for my time, therefore no refunds are given.

4 – I am not and will not be liable for any actions/choices you may or may not take as a result of this reading.

5 – I am required by law to state that readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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