Hope Scope Reading ~ Love? Luck? Fortune?

This is a very unique and unusual form of divination and asking the universe for guidance. It is based on a Romany Gypsy form of fortune telling, by way of cute little scrolls, contained in an equally cute box !



This is a general outlook reading and I will randomly pull 5 scrolls for you. This reading is very concise but nevertheless it can be uncannily accurate! The scrolls themselves contain concise nuggets of wisdom, which cover aspects such as, love, luck, fame, fortune, friendship, change, temptation, obstacles, wishes and much more.



I will film your hope scope reading and post it to YouTube and send you the link x


Or I will do this reading using talky.io live video / audio chat (browser versions available on Google Chrome, Firefox and app versions on iphone and android)


Once you’ve paid for this reading using the “purchase” button below, all you need to do, to enter my live video chatroom is go to this link




Or you can have this reading via Skype live video or audio, simply buy this reading using the “purchase” button below and then once you’ve paid, contact me via Skype chat so we can arrange the reading to take place as soon as possible.


Click Here To Skype Chat With Me


Availability I am usually available to accept paid Talky / Skype readings 7 days a week from 09.00hrs to 17.00hrs GMT / UK / London time zone click here for a time zone converter


Please let me know if you want this reading by YouTube or if you will prefer to enter my live  Talky chatroom or Live Skype audio or video.


Disclaimer 1) You must be age 18 or over to have this reading or the legal age of majority in the country you reside 2) You must pay for this reading before I do it for you 3) I charge for my time so a refund can’t be given, even if you don’t like what the hope scope scroll is telling you 4) I and Dum Spiro Spero are not liable for any action/s you may take or not take as a result of this reading.


£88.88 approximately US $115 / Euro’s 105


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