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The author of this ebook – Speharial – approaches the subject matter of astrology and the belief that heavenly bodies influence human destiny @ large and on an individual level too – as a scientific school of thought, which indeed one should take as seriously as astronomy and other scientific academic disciplines.


This wonderful old book (first published in 1920) explores the planets in our solar system and their overriding characteristics, the author then details the 12 signs of the Zodiac and goes on to list the 12 Celestial Houses and their various physical influences on the human body as well as the social aspects of the 12 houses. Horoscope significators such as the sun, moon and the ascendant are also explained …


When it comes to the construction of your own horoscope (or that of a clients) Sepharial then shows you how to work out the approximate right ascension of the mid-heavens @ birth, yes this does get a little mathematical @ times but no respectable astrologist should ever shy away from maths and the art of numbers !!!


Within this ebook instructions can be found as to how to draw a figure of the heavens (you will need a couple of compasses with a radius of @ least 2 & a half inches). Included in this ebook is an extensive table of the 12 houses plus you will find details about planetary eclipses, revolutions etc … This ebook is a highly recommended must have, for any serious Astrologer


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