Myths Of The Norsemen


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Myths Of The Norsemen From The Eddas And Sagas written by H A Guerber, is an absolute treasure trove of delicious Nordic stories from Iceland, which include myths and legends about the Norse gods, goddesses, heros and anti-heros such as Odin, Frigga, Thor, Freya, Hel and Loki etc …



The Eddas which is also referred to as the Edda and the Elder Edda is an assortment of Bardic stories about the rise and fall of the Nordic Gods and Goddesses which are woven into both prose and poetic form ~ estimated to have been written in the 13th century, round about 1220 by Snorri Sturleson. So mighty is the Edda, that it left it’s lores and literary influence upon many a noteworthy author in the years, decades and centuries to come, including JRR Tolkien who wrote the Lord Of The Rings ! The Saga is written by several un-named authors and includes the legend of Sigurd the Slayer of Dragons and there are also stories and adventures about giants, elves, Freya, Odin and Loki the evildoer and is also featured.



What makes this e/book version of Myths Of The Norsemen so valuable, is that Hélène Adeline Guerber probes the deeper meanings of the Norse legends and stories contained therein, which will be greatly appreciated by Pagans, Witches and lovers of Icelandic, Scandinavian and Germanic Mythicism !



Finally but by no means least, the black and white artwork in this e/book is absolutely stunning and will most certainly hold your attention and earn your great esteem, just as much as the poetry and stories. There are 64 gorgeous illustrations by many a talented artist, which will mystically and magically captivate and transport you to the great and rugged lands of the Vikings and Norsemen …


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