Nordic Rune Reading

Rune’s much like the Tarot, are used for gaining clarity on life’s questions and problems through Spirit.


I offer readings using three Runes to clarify your situation in your love life, family relations, friendships, and careers. When asking your questions it is best to ask an open-ended question such as What can I do to find the career I truly desire? as opposed to when will I get a job I like?
Open-ended questions allow the universe to impart a more detailed answer to your query.

These readings are done via email so please include your address when purchasing.



*Disclaimer -1. You must be 18 or of legal age in your country in order to receive a reading. 2. All readings must be paid for in advance. 3. Readings are not refundable as you are paying for my time and connection to Spirit. 4. Neither I nor Dum Spiro Spero will be liable for any actions that you take regarding this reading.

I am not a psychic or a medical health professional so any advice that I give must be taken or used at your own discretion.

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