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Nineteenth century avid plant enthusiast and horticulturist Richard Folkard, in this e/book brings to you a study of the plant kingdom in Britain and France and thoroughly researched plant lore, traditions and magickal uses in other cultures such as India. This old gem of a book (first published in 1884) is highly regarded by present day plant experts, gardeners, hobbyists, Wiccans, Pagans and Witches etc … and the gorgeous front cover of this old book bares a striking resemblance to a certain Tarot card …


In this e/book, you will discover the myths and legends of wOrld trees in various cultures such as Scandinavia, Greece and India etc There are also references to the famous Biblical tree in the Garden of Eden. Further on in this e/book, the author takes a look @ how certain trees are venerated and worship in certain cultures, such as the sacred Baobab tree found in Senegal and the Gambia regions of Africa and the Mountain Ash tree found in Wales, Britain which was so highly esteemed that not many a churchyard in the Welsh Valleys would be found without one (due to the mythological ability of the Mountain Ash tree to ward off evil spirits) …


Details of the aromatic uses of flowers, woods and herbs are also touched upon within the pages of this e/book, including the Lotus Flower, Cinnamon, Spikenard and Fenugreek etc … For folk who wish to learn about faerie lore, there’s a chapter dedicated to the elves of the forest, the black dwarfs and fays of the well etc and there are further chapters which list the plants of the devil, plants of the witches, magickal plants, miracle plants, plants pertaining to animals and birds and also plants and planets etc …


The second part of this e/book is an encyclopedia of 600 plants, this alone makes this e/book worth reading, whether from page to page or as a reference so you can look up the mythology and symbolism behind a certain plant for spell work or other magical uses …


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