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Hello my lovely, It doesn’t have to be Halloween to have this reading – but if you are viewing this listing on All Hallows Eve, then this is the perfect reading for such a day and night … ha ha, cackly laugh, lol …



OK but on a more serious note, this psychic Witchy oracle themed divination reading is perfect when you would like a more Pagan or Wicca based fortune telling reading. I use my special witchy themed divination dice, charms a casting lot, rose quartz stone and an oracle card in conjunction with my witches casting cloth, which includes areas such as protection, cleansing, magic/k, the crow, the scythe, the feather, ghost and pentacle etc …



Wherever the dice, oracle card, lot and charms, rose quartz etc land on the witchy / pagan / wicca inspired fortune telling oracle casting mat, will hold special significance for you on your (witchy) path …


This witches reading will be done by PDF and I shall deliver the finished document to your email address x



1) You must be age 18 or over to have this reading or the legal age of majority in the country you reside.

2) You must pay for this reading before I do it for you.

3) I charge for my time so a refund can’t be given, even if you don’t like what the oracle is telling you.

4) I am not and shall not be liable for any action/s or life choice you may take or not take as a result of this reading.

5) This oracle reading is for entertainment purposes only.


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