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About this attractive recycled ruby red glass lantern can be used either freestanding – just put a tea light candle inside the lantern and carefully light it or you can hang the lantern up using the hooks provided. (AW SKU = BOLUZ-12)


Uses 1) As part of a love ❤ spell, use a lit red tealight candle inside of this red glass lantern and watch the flame dance and flicker and say ~


Red flame flicker, glimmer and dance
universe send me love and romance
as this red flame burns ever so bright
reveal my new lover within 7 nights


Send Me Love & Romance Rhyme by While I Breathe I hOpe ~ ©opyright
You can use this poem but please be kind
and link back to the source of this poem, which is this page
or @ the very least credit it to Dum Spiro Spero wOrld


2) Use this recycled glass lantern with a lit red tealight candle placed inside it, when you’re feeling a little bit drained; red is a a colour that oftentimes can represent vitality and vigour, sit in the lotus postition with some upbeat music playing in the background and imagine yourself full of fun and vibrant energy …


3) If you want to stand out from the crowd and make a great impression during a job interview; the night before, use a lit red tealight candle in this red glass lantern and visualize your best articulate, confident and unique self enjoying the jay – oh – be interview … x




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1) Place the recycled glass lantern where it wont get knocked or fall on the floor.


2) Be careful when you light a tealight candle, use an extra long match or a suitable lighter so you don’t burn yourself.


3) When using this lantern freestanding, place the glass lantern, when it has a lit tealight candle inside it, on a hard surface that wont get damaged, such as a shelf, table or of course your altar.


4) When hanging up this glass lantern, carefully hang it somewhere stable with the hooks provided.


5) Never leave the candle in the lantern to burn unattended and always let it burn somewhere that is well ventilated and make sure the candle is no longer burning before leaving it unattended.


6) Make sure the candle in the lantern will not come in to contact with anything that could catch fire, including curtains that may be blown by the wind and other flammable objects.


7) Dum Spiro Spero (Dot World) is not liable for any fire, accident or injury as a result of purchasing this glass lantern.


8) Your recycled glass lantern should arrive within 7 days of purchase.

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