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The Revolt Of The Angels by Anatole France was first published way back in 1914, however this book has stood the test of time and even though it’s over 100 years old, due to it being a dark comedy, the novel has a contemporary satirical quality about it !


Here’s a brief plot line of The Revolt Of The Angels …


A playful but bothersome Angel by the name of Arcade, leaves the heveanly realm and comes down to Earth and wreaks havoc in a library owned by the d’Esparvieu family – who are very wealthy, hence they employ a librarian, Monsieur Sariette, to manage and take care of the library and it’s large collection of religious, philosophical and scientific themed books. Monsieur Sariette starts to notice that many of the library books in his charge, have become mysteriously damaged of misplaced etc …


Arcade is “borrowing” the said books and is thoroughly digesting their content and due to his newly gained knowledge, Arcade beleives that he has a greater understanding of natural wisdom, science and the universe, than God and this fallen angel refuses to accept that God created heaven and earth – indeed Arcade determines that science is superior to religion and states that he now believes that the God of the Bible is only one of many gods … and so Arcade decides to lead a revolt of other fallen angels, who intend to crown Satan as the ruler and king of heaven and earth … but will Arcade and his band of fallen angels, suceeed …


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