The Sayings Of Confucius


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Kǒng Fūzǐ  is the original Chinese Mandarin name that Confucius was known by in Ancient China, Kǒng means opening and Fūzi means master ~ Confucius (is the Latin equivalent of Master Kong). Kong Fuzi AKA Confucius is probably the most famous philosopher to hail from China ~ his time on this earthly realm was between 551 BC ~ 479 BC which was during the period of the Quin dynasty, who were the first imperial dynasty to rule in China …


Confucius was a man who had a great interest in the politics and social justice and hence there is an emphasis on both these subject matters in much of his writings …


In this e/book you will find many ideas pertaining to government and personal ethical conduct which Confucius espoused and discussed with his disciples, for instance the universal and Christly concept of the golden rule ~ do unto others as you would have others do unto you but remember that Confucius was born @ least 500 years before Yeshua AKA Jesus Christ


Confucianism is often considered a religion because discussions about heaven and the afterlife feature heavily in his writings, however many proponents of Confucianism believe it to be a school of thought which is beyond the scope of religion and instead belongs to the camp of philosophical ethical secularism ~ interestingly Confucius also had a keen interest and belief in astrology …


This e/book contains many of the discussions and questions and answers between Confucius and his disciples and will be of great interest to you if you wish to explore Eastern philosophy ~ or philosophy in general for that matter …


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