Tykhe Dice Reading ~ Is ❤ In The ☆’s 4 U ?

Let the Tykhe Dice reveal to you whether love is on the cards, er that should be on the board, is love on the board for you …



I simply shake the dice in my hands while concentrating on your question and then gently toss the dice to see what they reveal by their upward faces as well as whereabouts they land on the Tykhe board.



Some of the symbols on the Tykhe Dice include beetle, bat, spiders web, horseshoe, heart, goblet and skull etc …



This is quite an elaborate reading, which may include any astrological influences and may also incorporate the runes system !


Your reading will be in a pdf document, which will include photographs and will be delivered to you by email.


Please include your specific question or problem when you buy this reading, here’s my email address rubyromina@outlook.com




1) You must be age 18 or over to have this dice reading or the legal age of majority in the country you reside

2) You must pay for this dice reading before I do it for you

3) I charge for my time so a refund can’t be given, even if you don’t like what the Tykhe Dice are telling you

4) I and Dum Spiro Spero are not liable for any action/s you may take or not take as a result of this dice reading.

£111.11 approximately US $150 / Euro’s 130


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