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Do you love crystals? Since the beginning of time ancient healers, medicine men & women and shamans have highly valued crystals for a reason. Across continents and cultures many legends about the healing powers of crystals have endured. Connecting with crystals is like communicating with beings of light, frequency and energy; with different personalities who have opinions, ideas, wisdom and special gifts to offer us.



Each stone comes bearing its own message offering is the power to align with its consciousness to co create a meaningful, abundant life of healing and evolution. As expressions of the Conscious Universe the crystals like their creator want only the best for you: healing, wisdom and the power of finding possibilities you didn’t realize were there.


So which Crystal has a message for you today for your highest good? Just comment below 🍀 and I’ll pull for you, this reading costs only $20. Also once I do please leave feedback by sending an email to and this site will put your feedback on this page for me.




1) You must be age 18 or over to have this reading or the legal age of majority in the country you reside.
2) You must pay for this reading before I do it for you.
3) I charge for my time so a refund can’t be given, even if you don’t like what you are being told.
4) Dum Spiro Spero wOrld and I am not and shall not be liable for any action/s or life choice you may take or not take as a result of this reading.
5) This reading is for entertainment purposes only


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