Xmas In Ritual & Tradition, Christian & Pagan


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This e/book examines how Christmas has been observed in various European religious societies and probes Christian celebrations and festivities, from the inception of Christianity up until the beginning of the 20th century when this book was written. This e/book makes for a fascinating historical read because in todays 21st century, the Christmas customs detailed within the e/pages of this e/book have all in name but disappeared, such as the Christian Feast of the Nativity Day etc …


The first part of the e/book concentrates on the Christian Church and it’s representations of Christmas, whilst the second part of this e/book looks @ how Christmas has been merrily celebrated in Pagan religions throughout Europe …


The author of this e/book, Clement A Miles, explores many historic winter time festivities and observations, of which these are just a few mentioned in this e/book including, (in no particular order)Al Hallows Eve, Cult of the Dead, All Saints Day, Guy Fawkes Day, Kalends, Yule, Candlemas, Teutonic New Year, and Hogmanay and so on …


Indeed there are so many examinations of different Christian and Pagan Christmas time and new year festivals in this e/book, that even if you have a thorough and indepth knowledge of Christian and Pagan Christmas time mirth and merriment, it’s very likely that you will nevertheless come across a few old Pagan and or early Christian observations of winter and Christ Mass time special days and nights that you’ve never heard of before !!!


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