Zulu Customs & Folklore


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This ebook explores the traditions, customs, folklores and tales from the Zulu culture in the Kwa Zulu Natal region of South Africa ~ it must be stated that what makes this ebook so interesting, is that the Zulu culture studied in this ebook is completely free from European and Western religious belief systems and concepts.


Levine Henrietta Samuelson actually lived amongst a Zulu tribe in Zululand and hence she developed a keen interest and deep affection for the peoples of the Zulu tribe. One of the key ideas in this ebook, is that the superstitious beliefs that Zulu peoples hold, are not too dis-similar to the superstitions and omens of other cultures throughout the wOrld, including Greek mythology and Chinese ancestral worship etc …


This ebook also covers Zulu beliefs such as the reincarnation of departed human spirits, that can make a speedy Earthly re-entry in the living form of an animal ~ and interestingly it is also a widely held Zulu concept, that if a person is very ill – it may be that one of their dearly departed relatives is calling them to come and join them in the afterlife …


There are also echoes of the Salem Witch Trials in this Zulu study and one could surmise that the Zulu tradition of seeking out Wizards and then punishing them (without trial) with a deathly shove into a crocodile pool, is just as brutal as Witches being hung …


This ebook also looks @ the Queen of Heaven and the rainbow, which the Zulu’s (beautifully) believe is her crown ~ and the menace of “lightening” and why the Zulu’s won’t even utter the just said “L” word. Zulu old wives tales are also included and there’s an interesting story about a Zulu snake charmer !!! The Zulu account of how death first came to be, is strikingly similar to the Biblical story of Adam, Eve, the tree, apple and snake; this parallel is fascinating because these Zulu’s had not been subjected to Christianity in any way.


This ebook will be of value to you, if you wish to explore Afrocentric superstitions and incorporate them into your own Voodoo & Hoodoo work.


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1) This e-book download offered on Dum Spiro Spero (Dot wOrld) was written in the 1930’s and is therefore not entirely politically correct.

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