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We all have dreams, sometimes they can be happy, funny, mysterious, scary and nearly always they’re surreal in some sort of way! When the conscious mind is @ rest the subconscious mind and it’s wondrous forces and processes take the centre stage during the wee hours and transport us to the magickal land of nod where absolutely anything and everything is possible …


  Listen Instead Of Read 


Sometimes when we wake in the morning we can get flashbacks of fleeting moments from the dream we had the night before, when this happens the images are rather vague but there nevertheless may be some type of over-riding theme that we can deduce and make sense of. Other times the flashes make no sense @ all so we dismiss these as being nonsense – and of course some times they are, though sometimes they’re not …


There can be times when we deep sleep but do not remember the dreams we had – that’s indeed if we had any dream @ all. In fact I have a mystical theory about this – when we can’t remember whether we had a dream the night before or if indeed we are certain we did not – then perhaps, just perhaps it’s because we were elsewhere in the spiritual ethereal realm – namely in someone else’s dream, whether that person is known to you and you are known to them or not. It makes you think doesn’t it !?!


Other times we can go through a phase of having wildly vivid dreams that we are lucky enough (if the dream was good) to remember. If these types of dreams are simple and straight forward they do not need to be deciphered – for instance the dream may be related to something that you do regularly during your waking life, so it may be an echo from the near past and or future, for instance if you take the train to work Monday to Friday and you’re dream depicts this, the lines between past and future can become quite blurred.


@ other times we can have a dream that is so colourful and seemingly real, where we can touch and feel, that we can wake up with an abrupt jolt which transports us back in to our waking wOrld. The dream is easy to recall but it doesn’t make any sense, yet there’s something about this dream that you can’t quite shake off and dismiss, you want to know what it means !?! what does it signify? is it a portent etc …


Dreams that have a significant meaning are mentioned as far back as Biblical times. There’s Joseph who dreamt that the sun, moon and eleven stars bowed down to him, this was an omen, eventually Joseph became the governor of Egypt.


During the same historical era the Bible also makes mention of Pharaohs strangely surreal dream about seven fat cows and seven lean cows, so disturbed was the Pharaoh by this dream and several others he had, that he called upon every dream interpreter in the land to tell him what the dream meant. No one knew, except Joseph who instantly intuited that it meant that there would be seven years of abundance followed by seven years of scarcity. Pharaoh being impressed by Josephs ability to foretell the future by way of dream interpretation, made him the governor of Egypt, hence the dream wheel of fate and fortune turned in a most uncanny way !


I Dreamed A Dream That You Pin Me x

Have you had a dream albeit recently or even in the past whether distant or near, that still to this day perplexes you!?! Well Sigmund Freud in his great academic work  called The Interpretation Of Dreams theorised that any dream we have no matter how simple, elaborate or disturbing is a result of a waking thought, which then filters through to the subconscious mind via a dream. So bearing this in mind, ask yourself what sort of thoughts you may have had while you are awake that would account for the dream you had? This approach can get to the root of the quandary and solve what your dream really means or @ the very least why you had it in the first place.


If this approach just doesn’t work for you, then it may be time to turn to a trusted and reputable dream interpretation analyst, like Joseph, some people have the gift of dream interpretation and prophecy, so whilst you may not have any idea as to what your dream means, these skilled light-workers may know instantly what your dream is trying to tell you, or with a bit of probing will be able to unravel the message that the divine matrix has sent to you through the dream dimension.


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Sigmund Freud The mind is like an iceberg, it floats with one-seventh of it’s bulk above the water


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