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Metaphysical Affiliate Programme


Do you have a particular interest and even dedication to the arcane, and the spiritual and of course the new age? Well if you do and so much so, that you have a personal or business website or blog related to these subject matters, then the Dum Spiro Spero metaphysical affiliate programme may just be for you!


To be an affiliate for this new up and coming marketplace website (where sellers can list items to sell and customers can purchase from them), you need to have a genuine interest in the arcane, so we prefer affiliates to have a website or blog that is @ least 6 months old and where you post articles to your blog on a regular basis, we don’t mind if you post daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, we prefer this because let’s face it, the search engines do too!


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Yes we know, as you probably do too, that the new age industry which incorporates many things such as spirituality and religion, compassionate atheism and agnosticism, Wicca, Paganism, Hoodoo, Tarot etc is a booming multi dollar industry. However that’s not enough reason to sign up to become an affiliate and work with us @ Dum Spiro Spero (Dot World) we really need you to have a passion and zeal for the spiritual side of life, love and humanity to become an affiliate to help bring like minded peoples everywhere to this site!


You are free to write about any subject which is do to with the metaphysical and either include your personal affiliate link within the article or you can put a url ad for Dum Spiro Spero on your home page or any other page or blog page! The great thing about our metaphysical affiliate programme, is that it comes with lots of resources, you can choose between quite an array of different url banner ads or if you’re feeling really daring, you can create your own banner ad for dumspirospero.world and if you’re feeling really generous you can even send it to office@dumspirospero.world and we will add it to the affiliate area resources page.


We also offer offsite advertising for affiliates who sell their own items / services, by way of affiliate coupon posters and it’s an easy peasy concept to grasp, you simply add your unique Dum Spiro Spero affiliate ID to the poster and then as long as a customer enters your affiliate code when they make a purchase, the customer receives a discount – and everyone lurvs price reductions – and you receive a 5% commission. The great thing about using the posters is that as long as the customer keeps using your affiliate code you will earn money!


It doesn’t matter whether you decide to sell downloadable or physical goods and or services on this website or not, you can still become an affiliate either way; so there’s nothing to lose and much to gain by signing up to this metaphysical affiliate programme on the only spiritual marketplace superstore on the wOrld wide web and sending interested visitors – and (potential) customers to this entirely unique new age website.


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Henry Ford It’s not the employer who pays the wages, employers only handle the money, it’s the customer who pays the wages


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