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Feeling stuck In A Rut?


Easter time is all about re-birth, so whether you’re a Christian or not, if you’ve been living life in the fast lane for far too long, now’s the time to put your foot on the break pad and pull over and take a much needed respite!


 Listen Instead Of Read 


Do you feel that a certain area of your life has been stuck in the same old-same old, seemingly, never ending rut? Well if you’re nodding your head up and down in reluctant agreement, congratulate yourself because half the battle is admitting that change is desperately needed – after all without being conscious of a problem, you can’t rectify it can you !?!


According to the folklore of the Bible a man called Yeshua – Better known as Jesus Christ – was nailed to a cross and crucified (on Good Friday) as an atonement for the sins of humanity. The Bible tells us that Yeshua died but however with the supernatural intervention of the Holy Spirit, on the third day (Easter Sunday) Jesus rose again!


This article is more concerned with the metaphorical and esoteric significance of the Easter story (as opposed to any factual, non fictitious aspect of the crucifixion and re-birth of Jesus Christ). If we look @ the message that can be derived from this legend, it’s surely that we can take our problem/s or burden/s and nail it to an imaginary cross in our minds eye and then a new and better circumstance or situation can arise in it’s place…


Easter Meditation


1) So get into a comfortable sitting position or you can even sit on the floor and cross your legs.


2) Close your eyes right now and conjure up an image of a cross †, you can make it whatever colour you wish – but not your favourite colour.


3) Then imagine your problem/s as a photograph that you can pin or nail in to your imaginary cross †, keep your eyes closed, relax, chilax, breathe easy, in and out nice and slowly. 


4) Continue to breathe in this controlled conscious manner until you feel that your mind and body feels lighter and less stressed.


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5) When you feel ready, take an extra deep breath in while @ the same time imagining that you’re stood in front of the cross †.


6) Now exhale with as much force as possible while imagining that the photograph of your problem/s is blown off, up up and away …


7) Now as you breathe out imagine that the cross † is now your favourite colour … keep breathing in and out.


8) Now lastly imagine that the cross † becomes smaller and smaller until it is no longer there


Quote By


Pope John Paul II Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song!


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