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You Can Get Tarot Of The Global Sufi Here


There aren’t many Tarot cards that incorporate Sufism within their system, however the Tarot of the Global Sufi by Australian Artist and Metaphysician Gavin Shri Amneon is one such deck !

So before we go any further, let’s explore exactly what a Sufi and Sufism is … 


 Listen Instead Of Read !


What Mystic Sufism Is And What It’s Not !


Mystic Sufism is often confused and misrepresented as a branch of Islam or an Islamic sect or cult, it is neither of these and nor is it a division or subdivision of Islam which is in conflict with another Islamic group. Indeed the Sufi religion or belief system is dedicated to non violence and peace and the exploration of the mystical conundrums of life, creation and the universal principles of faith and metaphysics and thus concentrates on obtaining a direct connection to Allah by freeing oneself from the trivial and mundane, as well as all that is unnecessary on a material level.


And We Are Living In A Material wOrld And Sufism Is For A Non Material Goal !


The origins of Sufism go back as far as the 7th century CE / the common era, Islam quickly rose to prominence only about 100 years later in the 8th century CE due to the wealth of several Islamic countries.


One such country is Saudi Arabia, which is well known for it’s present day oil wealth but even way, way back in the seventh and eighth centuries Saudi Arabia had many natural resources including copper, iron, silver and gold. Human nature being what it is – even in some quarters of the Muslim wOrld – resulted in the followers of the Islamic religion becoming distracted by physical tangible possessions @ the expense of foregoing oneness and communion with God. As a consequence, Sufism was a natural reminder and polite religious suggestion that one can only truly tap into the awe inspiring mind of God if one releases themselves from the need to gain ever more stuff, things and possessions …


Sufism, To Wed Or Not To Wed That Is The Question !?!


Dedicated Sufi followers could be compared to monks, in that both Sufi’s and Monks reject the wOrldly trappings of materialism and withdraw to a life of solitude, prayer, contemplation and meditation. However the Sufi belief system doesn’t strictly admonish or prohibit marriage. In fact some Sufi’s strongly believe that marriage is a holy union between a man and his wife or wives and so it is a Sufi’s duty to marry, procreate and reproduce !


On the other hand, there are other Sufi followers who are far more dubious when it comes to wedlock and take the opposing view that marriage leads to becoming distracted by carnal desire and leads one away from pure devotion to Allah. Furthermore some Sufi’s believe that singlehood is a gift and blessing from God while bearing offspring leads to poverty but remaining childless and wifeless leads to prosperity …


Back To The Sufi Old School 


Sufi’s who deeply desire to discover the secret knowledge of God and wish to learn as much as they can about Sufism and it’s mystical teachings, literature and poetry etc are able to go to Sufi schools. These schools are more commonly called Sufi orders, which in Arabic translates to Tariqa. Each school or Tariqa order has a teacher or Murshid who has a broad knowledge of the Koran and other important Islamic literature such as Journey To The Lord Of Power written by Ibn Arabi in the 12th century CE which encourages Islamic spiritual morality – and Islamic poetry including Gulistan written by Sa’di a 13th century CE Persian / Iranian poet.


Sufi schools including the Chisthti Order in Afghanistan and the Qadri Order in Pakistan, India and the Balkans are well renowned for promoting tolerance, love & understanding and do much to shine a positive light on the Islamic religion & Muslim people the wOrld over !


Don’t Pull The Wool Over Your Eyes, Instead Wear Wool !


In many holy books, the wearing of garments made from fabrics which have been woven from blended fibres (or even later day modern synthetic fabrics) is largely discouraged and Sufi’s highly esteem both Moses and Yeshua Ha Mashiciac also known as Jesus Christ and hold the belief that if the wearing of wool was deemed favourable by these two said spiritual masters, then it’s good enough for the followers of Sufi !


Wool which is called Suf in the Arabic language, is also thought to be an austere and humble fabric and as Sufism rejects the vain and vainglorious, wool is very befitting of Sufism and many followers of Sufi even today take the wearing of fabrics made from wool and other natural fibres very seriously and so shun modern day fashion and clothes made from synthetic materials.


Sufism And The Art Of Spinning 



Now even though this article has just touched on wool in the above paragraph, “spinning” in this context is not related to the spinning of wool but instead a famous Sufi dance pertaining to the Sufi of the Ottoman Empire which is now present day Turkey. The Sufi dancers are famously known as the Whirling Dervishes and are also part of the Mevlevi Order Sufi school of thought. This special spiritual dance involves a lot of twirling around on ones feet – while wearing an outfit which is cut on the bias and looks circular during the spinning dance. This dance is strangely transfixing for spectators and it’s amazing that the dancers don’t seem to be @ all dizzy !!!


Universal Sufism 


Universal Sufism is a spiritual and religious movement which is based upon the universal acceptance of all wOrldly religions and belief systems and people everywhere. Universal Sufism respects freedom of choice, freedom of speech and freedom of religious association or non religious association for that matter. Sufi’s who adopt universal Sufism as their principle school of philosophical and metaphysical thought, believe the divine spark of wisdom and inspiration is present in all men, women and children, as well as the natural and animal wOrld ! Proponents of universal Sufism can be Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist and Hindu etc and still adopt the Universal Sufism ethic as a guiding principle alongside their own chosen practising religion …


You Can Buy Tarot Of The Global Sufi Here


It is to this end, that the Tarot of The Global Sufi has been lovingly created by Australian Artist and seeker of the truth Gavin Shri Amneon ! Each card has a quote from the Koran and the illustrations are from oil paintings by Gavin which have been inspired by many different schools of Islamic thought throughout the wOrld … XVIII/IX/MMXVII


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